Torch 9860 Vodafone

There’s lots of excitement right now with the release of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 on Rogers with some being overly jealous of those who have manged to get there hands on them, myself included. But of course not everyone wants to get their hands on the Bold 9900. As we all know there are other BlackBerry 7 devices coming soon and Vodafone UK has confirmed that they will be getting the BlackBerry Torch 9860. It is showing up on their coming soon page and will be available on a pay monthly contract. They’ve also given us a sneak peak video too. There is not release date stated yet but hopefully we can see it launched not too long after the Bold 9900 which is already available for pre-order.

I know a lot of Storm2 owners looking forward to the Torch 9860, being a full touchscreen device. I for one was looking forward to it but somehow the Bold 9900 has slowly won me over. Anyone Storm2 owners going to upgrade to the Torch 9860 or go for one of the other BlackBerry 7 devices? Sound off in the comments.

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