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BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review - Power Socializer

Coming from a BlackBerry that I loved, I wasn't very excited to switch to a device I wasn't used too. The Torch is completely different from any BlackBerry that I have used and to be honest, it is the best. Being a full time student and working a part time job I need a phone that is reliable, has a million features, and can withstand the wear and tear of teenage girl.

As we all know, we wouldn't be on if we didn't, that BlackBerrys are perfect devices for any type of person. Whether you are a business man who needs to stay updated on the stock market or emails, or just a leisure user who loves being able to tether on the beach, BlackBerry is the way to go. I have loved having a reliable device no matter what I need done, whether to send an email, check the latest updates on the coolest social networking sites, and to call, text, and of course BBM all my peeps. Using the Torch makes every single one of these easier.

Like multiple users I was ready for the new OS. I didn't care what type of device that BB6 came out on, I had to get my hands on it. Now using the Torch, I love having a touch screen and having a hardware keyboard. It is the perfect mix. I came from using a 9530, so I figured I would be only using the touch screen, but I actually use the hardware keyboard and the track pad more then using the screen itself. Comparing it size wise to other devices, other then being a little thicker it is relatively the same size. I really have no problems with the way the device is set up. I think the vertical slider is unlike any smart phone out on the market, therefore giving it a new edge to the smart phone competition.

Now we get down to the OS. I love it! Although there are of course a couple times where the menu gets stuck on it's side or gets frozen half way through a quick slide to the next menu, the UI is pretty much awesome. One thing I always wished my 9530 had was when the icon for a new message showed up you could just click it and it would bring you to it, so when I found that was a new feature with BB6 I was pumped. It is definitely one of my favorite features! I also get frustrated scrolling through the menus. Because the touch screen is so responsive and fast, it sometimes decides to scroll when you are clicking on something.

Unboxing my new device I was so excited to get it up and running. I was pumped for the new webkit! I put my Sim card in and was about to get started when the error message came up on the screen. Because I am running the device on T-Mobile, there are no service books to get the browser working. There is a way to get it working which you can look in the forums for, but since I am still traveling I had no way of doing so. The browser does work if connected to wifi, which is helpful. I will be downloading those service books soon though!!

I was also extremely devastated to find that SocialScope is not yet running on BB6. I have depended on SocialScope for all my social networking needs since I downloaded it! Although on of my favorite things about the Torch is that it has it's own social feed built into the OS. So even though you can't use SocialScope, RIM did try and make it up to us.

BBM, of course, is amazing! I would not be able to live a day without being connected to all my people. Nothing has really changed within BBM on the Torch, but if there is no change that means there are no new flaws or bugs to complain about!

The Torch has definitely changed the way I use BlackBerry. It is still the same amazing BlackBerry with email and all that good stuff, now it's just in a new sexy device with a new and near flawless OS. This device is what all of us users and abusers and have been looking for from RIM for awhile. I can say that switching carriers for this device was totally worth it.