While BlackBerry only puts out a few big-production commercials throughout the year, BlackBerry users across the globe put out fan videos all the time. Some are quick spots just for fun while others are a bit more in-depth.

The latest that was sent in is called "BlackBerry There Then, There Now" and is more of a BlackBerry timeline than a commercial running at over three minutes long. 

The video takes us through a nostalgic trip with BlackBerry devices over the years and has a great sentimental vibe that any BlackBerry fan is sure to love. If you're a BlackBerry user you can totally relate to everything that goes on in the video and may have even owned more than a few of the devices that get shown off.

A bit of back story from the creator of the video:

I created this commercial with a Canon T4i and with the help of some friends and family because I thought it was necessary for BlackBerry to produce goodwill with consumers and have both brand loyalist and brand switchers remember their affiliation with BlackBerry at one time or another.

The commercial shows the evolution of BlackBerry, it's associations with people's lives, its departure, and its comeback as a new and improved product.

It metaphorically shows both the growth and comeback of the company this way.

There are easter-eggs in the commercial too. The date shown on the Peal when the Dad says congratulations is one of BlackBerry's peaks before its fall in the stock market. The BlackBerry chart is also in the background of the office scene from 2011. Also, much more noticeable is the hit on Apple and its recent downfall in the markets.

I really do like this video and could totally see it being a great BlackBerry ad if it were cut down on time quite a bit -- it honestly gave me a few goose bumps the first time I watched it. 

Check it out in its entirety above then drop a comment below letting us know what you think.