BlackBerry Themes Show Up In App World

Hmm... this is interesting. Just yesterday we told you about DreamTheme's new offering of PrimeThemes, DreamTones and StillScreens. I was just clicking through App World catalogue this morning to see if there was any new apps on the BlackBerry scene and lo and behold, I stumbled onto a few of DreamTheme's new PrimeThemes! These are standard themes, built with the Plazmic CDK.

We've been hearing that RIM will soon announce support for themes in App World (at least to RIM ISV partners who pay the annual fee and assure RIM they are only using content they own the rights to in their themes). This is either a little slip up -- maybe naming it PrimeTheme and throwing in a few extra wallpapers was all it took to get past QA and into App World -- or maybe this is just the first of themes to show up. I guess time will reveal all.

In the meantime, if you haven't loaded it up on your device yet, be sure to grab the new CrackBerry Theme Store. It's full of free and paid themes from all developers who choose to include their collections there (no fees to developers).