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Theme Roundup

Well it's Monday and time for another addition of the weekly Theme Roundup. This week we have brought you a diverse selection of themes. With a CrackBerry theme, Android replica theme, and contest theme that is available for touchscreen and non-touchscreen devices, you are sure to find a good one for download. Hit the jump and check them out!

Free Themes of the Week


CrackBerry Theme

Our 1st pick this week is my personal favorite. It is called CrackBerry Theme by michaelwpg. This theme actually started out as a personal request from me to michaelwpg. After I posted some screen shots on Twitter, there were a ton of requests to make this theme available to all, so he did. The theme is CrackBerry all the way through it. Both the top and bottom banners have been removed to show off the custom CB wallpaper, which is shown on the primary, and secondary homescreen. A CB disc replaces the normal highlighting, as well as a custom CB badge for notifications. When you think CrackBerry, you think orange, and no matter where you go in this theme, you are bound to see a lot of orange. It is availble for the 9700, 9630, and 8900. If you want to show your CrackBerry love, click the link below to download over the air. If you would just like the wallpaper click here.



    Our next choice is BluBerry by CTthemes. The theme features 2 rows of 4 icons on the homescreen, 1 on the top and 1 at the bottom. The homescreen also has a hidden today area, making it highly functional. When the today area is hidden, you will find a ginormous blue battery meter, that really makes this theme stand out. The theme is available for all 95xx devices at the forum link below.

      Paid Themes of the Week



      Our contest theme this week is Refresh by AG Designs and Graphics LLC. The themes banner is user defined and highly customizable. The custom graphics and icons go very well together, through out the entire theme. Shortcuts for 7th and 8th applications are available on keyboard devices, ensuring that you do not have to leave your homescreen very often to access your most important applications. Refresh is on sale until April 11th for $3.49, and available for most every recent BlackBerry device. 



        Our final pick of the week is another by CTthemes called iDroid. It is an Android replica meet iPhone layout theme that is sure to dress up your 95xx device. The iPhone homescreen layout makes accessing all your favorite applications a breeze. With 5 rows of 4 applications, I do not think many would have to leave the homescreen very often. All the icons and meters are also Android replica, giving this theme a very neat look. Its available for all 95xx devices for $4.99.

          Contest: We have 100 copies of Refresh to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

          That concludes our roundup for this week. We hope you enjoyed it, keep those tips and suggestions coming to our email,!