Welcome to another edition of our theme roundup, my fellow theme addicts. I hope you all had a great weekend! Now it's time to get back to work and I have some great themes to show you in the roundup this week. 

If you developed a theme you want to share or see featured in the contest or discovered a really great one, by all means shoot it on over to us! Submit your tips and suggestions to themeroundup[at]crackberry.com for consideration. I hope you enjoy this week's picks so be sure to click on the jump to check them out.

My Football Stadium by dbThemes

While American football kicks off its season, I thought I would focus on the other sport of the same name. Filled with all sorts of elements only a football fan can enjoy it features a soccer themed icon set, stadium wallpapers, and custom colors. So cheer on your favorite team in style for $0.99. It supports BlackBerry 9330/50/60/70/80, 9620, 9860, and 9900 running OS 5 and higher.

More information/screenshots and to purchase My Football Stadium

Cool Green Insect Theme by Fortronic

Our next selection I came upon via the developer's Twitter and Facebook pages. I always enjoy discovering new designs for the roundup and I rather like their dragonfly offering. It features clean wallpapers of that tiny insect, a custom icon set, new fonts, and a green color scheme. It may be simple and goes for $3.99, but I look forwarding to seeing more of their designs. You can find it available for BlackBerry 9360/80, 9500/20/30/50, 9790, 9800/50/60, and 9900/81 running OS 5 and higher.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Cool Green Insect Theme

Purple BikerBerry by Arnold van den Heever

Going through BlackBerry World I couldn't help but notice this purple design, especially since Sons of Anarchy premieres this week. It offers a violet hue on all of the icons, new message indicators, redesigned top banner, and helmet focus icons. If you love motorcycles then this is for you. Be sure to hit up the link below to pick up this free theme and rev up your display. It is compatible with BlackBerry 8520/30, 9220, 9300/10/20/50/60, 9790, 9810, and 9900/30/81 running OS 5 and higher.

More information/screenshots and to download Purple BikerBerry Theme  

Dune by Eternal Creations

Not to be confused with the science fiction novel, this intricately detailed design focuses on the sandy beach instead. What caught my attention is the unique homescreen layout and how the icons appear to be buried in the sand. This effect creates a pleasant and balanced view on your handset's display. Skinned from top to bottom with custom fonts, matching colors, and a brand new icon set, it is sure to help prolong the summer just a little bit longer. You can grab this for $0.99 and it is available for BlackBerry 8520/30, 9220, 9300/10/20/30/50/60/70/80, 9630/50, 9700/80/90, and 9800/10/50/60 running OS 4.6.1 and higher.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Dune

Zeria Theme by Themerzz

The latest offering by Themerzz is our final submission this week and I must say it is visually stunning. The homescreen is eye candy with the bright and colorful metallic icon set against the rainbow streaked wallpaper. Their attention to detail is apparent not only in the finely crafted icons and blue color scheme, but in the menus and dialog boxes as well. Capping it all off is the custom top banner which includes new battery and signal meters and an easy to read font. As another solid design by the developer, it brings a fresh and look to your display. It certainly is a sight you won't be able to take your eyes off of. Available for $1.99, it supports BlackBerry 8350i, 8520/30, 8900/10/80, 9000, 9220, 9300/10/15/20/30/50/60/70/80, 9620/30/50, 9700/80/88/90, 9800/10/50/60, and 9900/30/81 running OS 5 and higher. 

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That's it for this week folks. Hungry for more themes? Be sure to browse the themes in our forums and those available in BlackBerry World. See you all next week.