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Theme Roundup

We heard your cries last week when we failed to bring our loyal readers a theme roundup, and we are very sorry, but sometimes things happen that you can't control. Either way, we are back in the swing of things here and we are happy to bring you another great edition of the roundup. With just a week left until DevCon many of us are wondering what we will see, and having just loaded BB6 on my 9650, I am hoping that a new Theme Studio will drop so I can get some new icons and more on my device again.


Default 6 by RJ Design


Sure, there have been many different BB6 themes that have surfaced over the past few months, some with a little more attention to detail then others, and some that just went for a basic approach. The folks over at RJ Design have been teasing us for a few weeks now with some images of their Default 6 theme, which is made to replicate the BB6 experience on devices that have not been lucky enough to receive the actual update. It is rather obvious the amount of time that was spent on this theme to ensure that the SVG was done just right and as many details of BB6 as they could were replicated. What a lucky week for those who are interested in this theme as it is currently on sale for $1.25 through Sept. 27th, so grab a copy before it jumps back to its normal price of $3.99.

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Maddiegirl by Arsenalsocal


Finding a theme that has its own sense of style can be a difficult task lately. A bunch of themes bring users the same wallpapers, same icons, same overall flow, and sense of style. Maddiegirl luckily breaks that trend. While sure it is a simple bottom dock theme and doesn't have crazy animations everywhere, the custom icons along with the well match wallpapers and fonts throughout the theme really tie in a nice look for the device. This theme is definitely aimed towards the ladies out there, but what is really great is that it can be used in both a business and a fun sense as it carries a very nice flow throughout. Oh yes, did we mention this theme is absolutely free to all users? Does it get any better?


Chrome by JC Themes


Lately it seems like the latest craze is to fit as much on the screen with as much free space as possible to show off our favorite wallpapers. Chrome is a theme that does just that, and provides a great sense of style. This theme has five static user defined icons that sit in a mini bottom dock and then the from the top banner another 15 icons can be activated and then hidden when not in use.  The icons that are found in this theme are rather unique circular icons which fit the flow very well and the theme also showcases a nice dark feel with dark menus and application screens. Snag your very own copy of this theme for a very reasonable $1.99.

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Red Modern Style by Adorno
Red Modern

Looking for a new way to overhaul the look of your BlackBerry Curve screen? Look no further, Adorno has done it again with their Red Modern Style Theme, which offers users a very clean overall appearance. This theme has a hidden dock, so all those who love to show off their wallpapers at all times, this is perfect for you. Additionally you will find custom icons, custom banners, custom signal and battery meters and more included with this theme. Check out Red Modern Style from the CrackBerry store for only $3.99 for a limited time. 

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Simple Saffron by Vimukti Technologies Pvt Ltd 
Simple Saffron
As you all probably know, finding a new theme to use on your BlackBerry Pearl can be a little difficult as often times themers tend to forget people still use those devices. Well, we all know the Pearl still lives on, and luckily some themers still agree. Simple Saffron is a great custom theme that provides users a completely unique look for their BlackBerry screen. With 4 user defined custom icons on the bottom of the screen, along with a hidden today section, custom battery and signal meters, this theme is sure to bring a whole new life to your Pearl. Completely transform your BlackBerry Pearl screen today for only $4.99 in the CrackBerry store.
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That's it for the theme roundup this week, keep those tips and suggestions coming to the roundup email at [email protected]