Welcome to another edition of our theme roundup, my fellow theme addicts. I hope you all had a great weekend! Now it's time to get back to work and I have some great themes to show you in the roundup this week. 

If you developed a theme you want to share or see featured in the contest or discovered a really great one, by all means shoot it on over to us! Submit your tips and suggestions to themeroundup[at]crackberry.com for consideration. I hope you enjoy this week's picks so be sure to click on the jump to check them out.

Cats Birthday Party by Themerzz

First up this week is another cute and delightful design from popular developer Themerzz. It's one of those themes you glance at and instantly melt. It features pastel colors, custom mesenger notification and indicators, an adorable icon set, semi-transparent menus and dialog boxes, birthday wallpapers, and a matching redesigned top banner. This theme can be purchased for $0.99 and supports BlackBerry 8350i, 8520/30, 8900/10/80, 9220, 9300/10/15/20/30/50/60/70/80, 9620/30/50, 9700/20/80/88/90, 9810/50/60, 9900/30/81 running OS 5 and higher.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Cats Birthday Party

Peek-a-Boo by MoNoKuRiN ThemeS

MoNoKuRiN dropped us a line about one of their latest aptly titled for the adorable animals on the homescreen. This one is skinned from top to bottom and customizes just about every element on the display. There are custom fonts, colors, icons, battery and signal meters, redesigned banner, and cute wallpapers. If you prefer sugary sweat designs then check this out for $0.99 at the link. It is compatible with BlackBerry 8330, 8520/30, 8900/10, 9000, 9100/05, 9220, 9300/10/15/20/30/50/60/70/80, 9620/30/50/70, 9700/10/80/88/90, 9800/10/50/60, and 9900/30/81 running OS 5 and higher.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Peek-a-Boo

Pink Flowers Theme by Ni9 Media

There's nothing quite like a simple and clean theme that offers the quality of a premium one for free. For those who call their favorite color pink, this floral design blends high quality graphics with a low file size. Pink Flowers features pink icons, curly font, pink flower navigator and customized lock screen, popup boxes, and menus that match the overall style. Available for FREE it supports BlackBerry 8520/30, 9100/05, 9220, 9300/10/15/20/30/50/60/70/80, 9620/50/70, 9700/20/80/88/90, 9800/10/50/60, and 9900/30 running OS 5 and higher.

More information/screenshots and to download Pink Flowers Theme

Black Board Theme by Discovery Apps

I'm always searching for themes that are unique and don't just modify a few elements of the interface. This one certainly fits the bill with its chalkboard motif evident throughout all of the screens and menus. With its chalk inspired icon set, redesigned top banner, custom fonts and meters, and five beautiful blackboard backgrounds, it's sure to give your device a whole new look feel. For only $0.99 relive your school days on your device. It is compatible with most BlackBerry devices running OS 4.5 and up.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Black Board Theme

Final Monster Theme by CJH

Are you a monster fan? If so, then be sure to check out this high octane design. As the latest and greatest of CJH, it features their signature minimalist icon dock at the bottom that can be hidden with a simple swipe up or down on the trackpad. Rounding out this design are custom fonts, meters, and a large clock in the bottom left. While icons in folders may be hidden, it does an excellent job of showing off your favorite wallpapers. You can find this at the link for $0.99. It is available for BlackBerry 8900/10/80, 9000, 9100/05, 9220, 9300/10/15/20/30/50/60/70/80, 9620/30/50/70, 9700/20/80/88/90, 9800/10/50/60, and 9900/30/81 running OS 5 and higher.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Final Monster Theme

That's it for this week folks. Hungry for more themes? Be sure to browse the themes in our forums and those available in BlackBerry World. See you all next week.

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