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Theme Roundup
Thanksgiving week is upon us here in the US, which means Christmas is just around the corner! Don't worry, I'm not busting out the Christmas/holiday themes just yet, it's still a bit early I think. However I hope all of you theme developers out there are working on your holiday offerings, as I can't wait to devote a whole roundup to them in the coming weeks! Enjoy this week's picks everyone; there is even one below that is compatible with the Pearl Flip, which seems pretty rare. Don't forget to send your creations and recommendations in to themeroundup @! Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Hikari by Yukinoai

Hikari by Yuki Designs
Forums member Yukinoai is back again with another great free theme for all of you 9700/8900/96xx users out there. Her latest is called Hikari and is really awesome. Yuki builds all her themes with a really close eye on the details, and this is no exception. She has created most of the elements from scratch in Hikari, but gives credit to the other designers for the icons and wallpaper. For more information and screenshots of Hikari, please visit the CrackBerry forums at the link below.  

!Aspire by AG Designs & Graphics

!Aspire by AG Graphics & Designs
!Aspire is a new theme by AG Designs & Graphics. All graphics were meticulously created and specifically optimized for BlackBerry Smartphones. Each device's Home Screen was custom-coded separately to achieve the "best of both worlds:" a simple, clean interface and innovative, user-friendly functionality that is second to none. Designed with speed in mind, they have minimized coding and animations to make Aspire fast and effective for the casual to active Blackberry user. 
  • 100% Custom Graphics
  • Skinned Everything
  • Device-Specific Custom HomeScreen
  • User Controllable Today Box
  • 12-15 Sliding dock for Non-Touch Devices
  • Hidden Shortcut Dock Non-Touch Devices
  • 3 Docks, 5 Icons each - all controlled by one button for Touch devices

You are really going to want to check out all of the screenshots and the full description for !Aspire at the link below. Available on sale right now for $3.99, !Aspire is compatible with BlackBerry 85xx, 89xx/96xx/9700, 9000, 9100, 9300, 95xx, and the 9800.

ClockTopia by StaticFX Designs

ClockTopia by StaticFX Designs
At first glance this just looks like another large clock theme, but it's not. The clock splits to reveal 19 more apps hidden behind it! With its huge easer to read clock this cool theme has lots of other great features as well, like 4 quick access icons and a weather slot. Battery in the upper left (easy to read number), Signal in the upper right (easy to read number), Date in the lower left (again... just an number!), and the network in the lower right. Clicking the Battery launches MeterBerry, clicking the signal launches QuickLaunch, the Date starts the calendar, and the Network is manage connections. Tapping the top half of the clock opens it to reveal today messages & calendar. Tapping the lower half of the clock opens it to reveal the icons! The last icon allows you to change the background color to go with your mood! 8 great colors to choose from!
ClockTopia is only available for Storm devices at this time, and you can pick it up on sale for just $1.99 right now in the CrackBerry store.  

Winter Green by Magmic

Witer Green by Magmic
I know many of you out there have already experienced the first snowfall of winter. Now you can bring a splash of color to this sometimes dreary time of year with Magmic's new Winter Green Theme. This elegant seasonal theme's rich imagery and animated backgrounds will help keep the warmth of the season alive through those cold days. The home screen on this one is a little different than most, as the developers have gone with simple text instead of icons. Winter Green is available for $3.99, and is compatible with just about every BlackBerry out there: 81xx, 82xx, 83xx, 85xx, 88xx, 89xx/96xx/9700, 9000, 9100, 9300, 95xx, and the 9800. 

Imprint by samgbx designs

Imprint by samgbx designs
Its all about the home screen and once activated you will immediately set your eyes on a grey top banner, home to your battery, signal and wlan meters plus your other everyday things.  Imprint has a 6 icon bottom dock which by clicking the arrow above icon 1, reveals a 12 icon hidden dock, making it easy to access your favorite apps from your home screen. This theme is stylish and full of functionality and will no doubt make an imprint into your BlackBerry life.
On sale right now for just $1.99, Imprint is compatible with BlackBerry Bold 9000 and 89xx/96xx/9700 (OS 5.0 only).

Contest: BeAmplified by BBThemes

BeAmplified by BBThemes
Back in the beginning of November we let you know about a new theme from BBThemes called BeAmplified.  This was one of the first BlackBerry themes modeled after the as of yet unreleased BlackBerry PlayBook UI. BeAmplified includes the following features:
  • Tabbed dock - All, Social, Media and Favourites section
  • Playbook style scrollable center panel with 6 preset apps (panel can be hidden at the click of a button)
  • Available with either custom or OS6 icons
  • Playbook styled with custom meters to suit.

For a full look at the features of BeAmplified, take a look back at our original post, or click on over to the CrackBerry store where you can purchase BeAmplified while it's on sale for just $2.99. Currently supported devices: 85xx, 8900, 9000, 91xx, 93xx, 96xx and 9700 OS 4.6, 4.7 and OS 5.0

Contest: BBThemes has awesomly offered up 50 free copies of BeAmplified for us to pass on to you guys! Normal contest rules apply: leave a comment below to enter, one entry per person, contest ends this coming Sunday at midnight PST and winners are drawn at random. Good luck, and see you all back here next week!