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BlackBerry Theme RoundUp header
It's a new week, and we are back again with a new BlackBerry Theme Roundup for your enjoyment. I changed up the format a little this week so I hope you all like it. Keep sending in your creations and suggestions to themeroundup[at]crackberry[dot]com. Please keep in mind that the roundup is simply a sampling of themes found in the CrackBerry forums and in the store and that it isn't a competition between developers, so there is no winner among them. The roundup is just a way to highlight what is posted and hopefully bring your attention to something you may have missed during the week. With that said, enjoy this week's picks, and be sure to read all the way through for the contest at the end! Have a great week everyone!

Brisk by Rose_MMDesign
Brisk is a newly updated theme from Rose_MMDesign with a style that is both unique and professional. Features include hidden dock and today area, hotspots for the clock, messages, manage connections, and options, and keyboard shortcuts. I really like the battery and signal meters on this theme. They are digital, and when the signal and battery get low, the indicator turns red so you can tell with a glance what the status is. The font used is clear and easy to read, and the menu/list fonts are user defined. Brisk is available on sale right now for $4.99 and is compatible with 9800, 97xx/96xx/89xx, 95xx, 9000, and 85xx devices running 5.0 and greater.
Ceres by Pootermobile

With the new Pootermobile theme Ceres you can personalize your homescreen in a new unique way. At first glance on the homescreen you see 6-8 customizable icons and a grungy looking polaroid with a nice wallpaper. Don't like the picture in the wallpaper? No problem! Simply change your wallpaper like you always do and BAM! your own wall comes up inside the polaroid! For keyboard devices make sure the wallpaper is wider that it's height, or in landscape mode for optimal viewing on the homescreen. For touchscreen devices make sure the height of the picture is greater than the width, or in portrait mode.
  • Customizable icons (6 for keyboard devices - 8 for touchscreen devices)
  • Transitions throughout
  • Unique icons and meters

Ceres is available for $3.99 and is compatible with 97xx/96xx/89xx, 95xx, and 9000 devices running OS 4.6 and greater.

Tropical Beach 2 by Adorno

Summer may be over, but you can keep the feel of the warm beach on your BlackBerry year 'round with Tropical Beach 2 by Adorno. This is a simple theme with inviting beach and ocean backgrounds on every screen, a hidden 5-6 icon customizable dock, and custom fonts and colors throughout. I especially liked the wavy banner on the homescreen! Tropical Beach 2 is available for just about every device out there running OS 4.5 and above. Grab this one today on sale for $3.99.

Luny by Artem

Luny by Artem is a cartoony-styled, eye grabbing theme delivering amazing graphics and animation to your BlackBerry. With it's liquid-ice-filled battery meter, signal lights, and custom LED displays, you can be sure this one is a keeper. This theme includes all original artwork so you can be sure there's nothing else like it.
  • 2 Weather Slots
  • 6 Customizable Dock Icons
  • 5 Item Hidden Today
  • Insanely Unique Battery and Signal Meters
Luny is available for $4.99 right now, and is compatible with 97xx/96xx/89xx, 95xx, and 9000 devices running OS 4.6 and greater.
HTC Desire HD by VinceThePrince

VinceThePrince is back again, this time with HTC Desire HD. If you're fond of the Droid look on your BlackBerry, you will likely want to check this one out. HTC Desire HD is available in 3 versions: Metal, Wood, and Slate. When you purchase this theme, you are essentially getting two themes in one! That's because no matter which version you bu you also have access to the standard SenseUI skin and can switch back and forth WITHIN the theme via the Skin Manager.

  • Custom EVERYTHING (icons, battery, signal, wallpapers, menus, etc)
  • Built-in settings UI
  • Built-in skin manager
  • Panoramic wallpapers (wallpapers that slide left/right as you navigate through the different homescreens) - can be toggled on/off in the settings UI
  • User-defined icons on homescreen, with options for an additional 1 or 2 docks on second homescreen (via settings UI)
  • Large HTC-like clock widget

HTC Desire HD is available for 97xx/96xx/89xx, 95xx, and 9800 devices running OS 4.7 and greater, and is on sale for $2.99 right now.

Galaxy Ring by Walker Themes

Galaxy Ring is an unique theme because of its navigation style. Most of themes use vertical or horizontal navigation, but Galaxy Ring is different, implementing a 360 degree rotation of 6 user definable homescreen icons. The addition of a hideable weather slot and hidden today make your BlackBerry more functional. Custom battery meter, icons, colors and fonts throughout make Galazy Ring a pleasing experience on your device. Available for $5.99 and compatible with 97xx/96xx/89xx, 95xx, 93xx, 9000 and 85xx devices running OS 5.0 and the 9800. Contest: Walker Themes has generously given us 25 copies of Galaxy Ring to give away this week. To enter to win simply leave a comment below. One comment per person please. Winners will be chosen at random this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good luck!