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Theme Roundup

It's Monday once again theme fans, and I'm here to bring you your weekly dose of visual goodness, assuaging the shakes and chills that you've had due to theme withdrawal. You'll notice this week that I've mixed the format up a bit, as part of my goal to make the roundup bigger and better for everyone. Make sure you send me feedback at [email protected] and let me know what you think, and your suggestions of what you'd like to see! Now on to the themes, we have some quality entries to show off this week.


Prism by Basic Visuals


Looking for something a little different for your device, without having to learn all the ins and outs of a complex theme? Prism proves that you can rock a quality new theme and have a completely different look, while still having all the familiar elements right in front of you. Familiar icons and meters make you feel right at home, and the addition of a weather slot and hidden today add a nice touch of function to this beautiful theme. The homescreen is well laid out, and extremely wallpaper friendly, allowing you to rock whatever wallpaper suits your fancy at the moment. A full set of custom icons mesh well with the skinned elements of the theme, and the developer has included colourful backgrounds to every screen as well. Available in 7 different colours, everyone is sure to find a version to suit their tastes. Get it in the CB store today for only $2.99, a great deal for a premium theme.

  • More information and purchase of Prism>> 

Colorocity by rgarling


Another quality theme offering a variety of colours, this one came to me via the tip line. Thanks to Amy for the tip! The homescreen is free of icons, with the exception of a weather slot, allowing for a great display of your chosen wallpaper. A hidden dock allows you to keep 6 user-defined icons on the homescreen without sacrificing any display space. Also included are hotkeys for QuickLaunch and SMS, rounding out the homescreen function nicely. Custom meters, icons, and elements make this a solid offering for a free theme. Fully skinned throughout with the chosen colour, the theme flows well, fore those who really like to make their device's screen "pop". Available in 6 different colours, it can be downloaded OTA in the forums thread below.

GreyTechBB by BB Freaks


It seems that a week doesn't pass without me getting an email with another quality theme from BBFreaks, and this week is no exception. This theme is a very clean, visually pleasing, homescreen, combined with the function we have come to expect from them. An 8 icon user-customizable hidden dock is paired with 7 fixed scrolling icons to give access to 15 different apps from the homescreen. A hotkey for SMS rounds it out to a nice even 16. One of my favourite features of BBFreaks' hidden dock themes is the fact that they have made the spacebar the launch key for the dock, eliminating the sometimes clunky navigation found in hidden dock themes. Fully skinned, and featuring a full set of custom icons, it is available in the CB store on sale for $2.99 until May 31.

  • More information and download of GreyTechBB>> 


Tab Out by DOA Designs

Tab Out

I've had my eye on DOA Designs for a while now, watching them grow in their theme offerings in the forums. This latest free theme is definitely a keeper. A nice, clean homescreen with a 4 icon bottom dock looks fairly innocuous at first, until you get into it, when the massive amount of function starts to show. Five, yes five, hidden docks on the left side of the screen pop out to give access to a grand total of 31 apps! Hidden hotspots on the screen allow for access to Profiles and Today entries, as well as Manage Connections. A full set of "reflective" icons, styled after the Android set, and a black and red colour scheme running throughout round off this solid addition to any device. Available for all touch devices running 5.0, you can get it free in the forums thread below.


Branded Theme by Cfrock and skippyhdog

Branded Theme

Another tip from the tip line, this one comes courtesy of Joe. It may take a little getting used to the navigation on this theme, but once you have it handled you'll really appreciate the amount of access you have right from your homescreen. The theme features both a vertical and horizontal sliding dock, which can be alternately hidden, or hide both for a clean homescreen. Each dock holds 16 user defined icons, do the math and you'll see that's a whole lot of apps accessible right there. A custom homescreen banner layout and transparent menus add a nice touch. Available OTA in the forums thread below for the 85xx series running 5.0.


Colorful by DRLyman


I can honestly say that I have never included a Pearl theme in the roundup, and it's about time I did so. What a great way to introduce the Pearl section, with a solid theme like this one. Nice and clean, this theme features a full set of custom icons in a Zen layout, a weather slot, and hidden today. Managing the most function possible out of the minimal screen real estate on the Pearl Flip, it manages to look great without cluttering the screen with unnecessary stuff. Well put together, it's available OTA from the forums thread below.

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That's it for the theme roundup this week, I hope you enjoyed the new format, and keep those tips and suggestions coming to the roundup email at [email protected]