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Theme Roundup

A belated Happy Mother's day to all our theme junkies out there. Here's hoping that everyone had a great day yesterday, giving thanks to those who gave us life. We have a great roundup this week, featuring some excellent selections for a belated (or extra) Mother's Day gift, and maybe a little something for yourself for being such a good son or daughter. Hit the jump and we'll get right into it.

Free Themes of the Week



Our 1st pick this week is Soxe by emarsha. If you're one of those people that loves their wallpapers, and constantly craves a clean homescreen, this theme is definitely worth taking a look at. No meters on the homescreen, just a clean bottom banner with the clock, date, and notifications. A hidden top dock with 6 user-customizable icons means you don't have to sacrifice functionality either. Beautifully put together, it is available for the 9700/8900/9630 running OS 5. Get it OTA from the forums thread below.



Our next choice is SimpleD 1.2 by Daniel0181. Another offering for those that love their wallpapers, this theme is exactly what it's name suggests. Simple. A wonderful clean homescreen, with transparent "glassy" banners on the bottom, and no icons, leaves all that screen real estate open for the wallpaper of your choice. Avaialble for the 95xx series running OS 5, get it OTA from the thread below.

Paid Themes of the Week

Mothers Day

Next up is Mothers Day by BBThemesUnltd. Just had to include this cute theme in the roundup in honor of Mother's Day. A solid theme, featuring a lot of custom work, it's perfect for that little extra something to give Mom for bonus points. The developer has pretty much made everything from scratch for this theme, and put everything together very well. Get it today from the CB store and earn yourself some brownie points with Mom for only $3.

  • More information and download of Mothers Day>>



Our final pick of the week is Inure by Pootermobile. Pootermobile has been a well- known name in the community for a while, bringing some solid free offerings to us. He has finally stepped up with his first Premium theme, and done a spectacular job with it, as we've come to expect. This is literally the first time I have reached out to a developer directly after seeing a theme, I was that impressed. What really caught me with this theme is the completely novel concept he has incorporated. Instead of creating a side OR bottom dock theme, he has managed to make that completely user defined. You actually have the option of choosing which layout you want for your homescreen, and can switch it up at will. This unique concept alone makes it worth a look, and he has finished it off nicely with great touches and a beautiful look, sure to satisfy anyone. Available for all devices running 4.7 +, it's in the CB store for $4.99.

  • More information and download of Inure>>

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That concludes our roundup for this week. We hope you enjoyed it, keep those tips and suggestions coming to our email, [email protected]!