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Theme Roundup

It's Monday again, which means that it's theme roundup day! We had a crazy week on the blogs last week with all our birthday celebrations, and things are starting to settle back to normal. CrackBerry's 3rd birthday got me thinking about our members, and how much they mean to us. This naturally progressed to considering the members themselves, and I realized that we have been remiss in not including our female readers as much in the roundup. In light of that, I present this week's roundup, dedicated to our readers of the fairer sex. Click the jump to read on!

Free Themes of the Week



Our top pick for free non-touchscreen devices is WinMo Theme by forums member allivonmohr. Simple, well put together, and very pink, this theme for the 85xx (which never gets enough love) changes things up with a bright, fresh look. Crisp Windows icons are backed with a girly wallpaper, and the colors run throughout the theme giving it a solid feel. Available for the 85xx series, OTA links can be found in the forums thread below.

Pink Leather Zen

Our next choice is Colored Default Zen by Natemz. Female users can face a real challenge when trying to find a theme. Most girly themes are over the top pink, and most professional themes are quite masculine. This theme takes a professional approach, but adds in just the right amount of pink to give it that feminine touch. Available for the 95xx series devices OTA in the forums thread below.

Paid Themes of the Week


Our next pick is Coach by Basic Visuals. This theme was brought to my attention by my girlfriend, who is utterly in love with it, and tends to gush about it to me on a daily basis. Taking a look at it, I can see why. A lot of work went into this theme, and it really shows. With a weather slot and hidden today on the homescreen adding function, the rest of this theme is all flair. With a "blue diamond" notifier for new messages, etc., a "Coach" highlight for the focus icons, and a different wallpaper for each screen, this theme will have any Coach fan loving it from the start. It also happens to work very well with a variety of wallpapers, so even if Coach isn't your thing, it's still well worth trying out. Available in the CB store for $2.99.


Dippin Dots

With eye-popping colors and icons, Dippin Dots by BlackBerry Boutique will brighten up not only your Berry, but your whole day just by looking at it. 5 bouncing icons in a bottom dock complement the colors of the theme nicely, and the fonts are a nice touch. The colors run throughout the theme, meaning that no matter what you happen to be doing, you'll always have a little bit of brightness staring back at you. Available in the CB store for $5.99.

Bonus Theme

Widescreen HD Theme

Just so we don't leave all the men out of this roundup, here is a very nice theme called Widescreen HD Featuring Hidden Dock by motek mobile.  As the name implies, this theme features a hidden dock on the homescreen, which canbe accessed by swiping the trackpad/ball up. This theme is also very fast, in fact its one of the fastest I have used to date with virtually no lag. The theme is available for most BlackBerry devices for $4.99 at the CrackBerry App Store.

Contest Theme

Sands by John Piper is a very good looking theme we just came across. It features 12 customizable home screen icons, a weather slot, and custom icons/meters. These features all go very well together throughout the theme, and there is even a landscape homescreen which we don't usually run across. Sands is available for 95xx devices running OS 5 for $3.99.

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That concludes our roundup for this week. We hope you enjoyed it, keep those tips and suggestions coming to our email,!