BlackBerry theme roundup

Hey everyone, welcome back to the BlackBerry Theme Roundup! Holy cow, all the BlackBerry PlayBook news this week is making me want one so bad! I don't think there is a solid answer yet on if the PlayBook will have themes or not. I hope so, do you?

Have you created a theme you want to see featured here, or given away in a contest? Did you find a treasure that you want to share with the CrackBerry community? Have a favorite theme developer you want the spotlight to shine on? Send an email to themeroundup[at] for consideration. In the meantime, check out this week's picks, and enter to win a free copy of !Prestige by AG Designs and Graphics! Contest details after the break.


SUPERMAX-HTC Style by Global Torch Themes

What do you get when you have 8 skins and 8 wallpapers built in to a theme with hotspots to instantly change them up? You get SUPERMAX-HTC by GTT, that's what! This theme is fast and very detailed. With all the built in customization, you may never want to change themes again! You can still use your own wallpaper too, so the possibilities really are endless. In addition to all that, you also get 12 hidden hotspots, a 4 icon hidden dock, a regular 4 icon dock, and in landscape mode you have a Today area. You really must chech this one out, you won't be disappointed! SUPERMAX-HTC is available on sale until Friday for $4.99 (regularly $6.99) and is compatible with the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase SUPERMAX-HTC

Clarity by Research in Motion

Clarity by Research in Motion

RIM has recently developed a new theme for BlackBerry users that are visually impaired. The Clarity theme for BlackBerry smartphones is designed to help enable you to see and use your BlackBerry smartphone with greater ease. Users with various visual abilities and disabilities can take advantage of the improved legibility and simplified interface that this theme offers. Whether you have vision loss, cannot see certain colors, or are a senior new to smartphones, you can adapt your BlackBerry smartphone to help meet your individual needs while on the go.

Increase your productivity with the following key features:

  • Simplified, easy-to-use Home screen interface
  • Large, text-only icons on the Home screen1
  • High-contrast screen displayed in dark on light or light on dark2
  • Clickable header that allows you to easily switch between Date and Time or Battery and Network level views

Clarity is FREE via BlackBerry App World and is compatible with BlackBerry 8220, 8350i, 85xx, 8900, 9000, 9330, 96xx, and 9700.

For more information/screenshots and to download Clarity

DReW28 Pink by D.R.e.W.

DReW28 Pink by D.R.e.W.

Ladies, check this out! D.R.e.W. created you a hot pink and black theme with semi-transparent banners, a hiding dock, and wallpaper friendly layout. He chose a pretty yet legible font that flows nicely throughout and he included a handy weather slot at the middle of the top banner. DReW28 Pink comes in four different styles: Calendar only, Messages only, Today (Cal/Mess combo) & Zen. The Today and Calendar versions have a free trial available in the form of a watermarked copy, so you can try before you buy. This theme is available for $1.99 and compatible with Bold 9650/97xx on BB6 only.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase DReW28 Pink

Hypnotoad by Verysoft

Hypnotoad by Verysoft LLC

Bright funky colors, chunky icons, and an animated hypnotoad on your home screen. What more could you want in a BlackBerry Theme? Hypnotoad by Verysoft is perfect for those of you who really like to stand out in a crowd. A casual font throughout keeps the fun pace from screen to screen and the colors will keep you entertained.
Hypnotoad is available for just $.99 and is compatible with BlackBerry 9650/9670, 97xx, 91xx on BB6 only.

To purchase Hypnotoad for your BlackBerry

!Prestige by AG Designs and Graphics

!Prestige by AG Designs & Graphics

I love themes from AG Designs. They always look so sharp and run smoothly. Their newest offering is called !Prestige, the professional's theme. I agree with that description. The high quality icons and crisp fonts make for a theme you can proudly use during those important meetings and even transition with your own wallpaper for casual Friday and the weekend.

With this theme you will get our (now standard) Smart Banner – wherein all icons are selectable. The signal meter takes you to Manage Connections, time to the Clock/Alarm app, etc. We also incorporated a Profiles icon and weather slot (even on the lock screen!) into the Smart Banner. The star of Prestige is our sliding dock. On non-touch devices,10 icons and 2 docks slide to the right and left by scrolling to the right or left – that easy. On touchscreen devices, 12 icons and 3 docks are controlled by pressing on the left or right side of the middle of the screen. All icons, banners, backgrounds and graphics were professionally designed in house. They have all been optimized for BlackBerry smartphones for performance and memory reduction. Our themes are tested on actual devices and not simulators, ensuring that all bugs are squashed before you find them.
!Prestige is available on sale now for $2.99 (regularly $4.99) and is compatible with 83xx, 85xx, 89xx, 9000, 93xx, 95xx, 96xx, 97xx, and 980.

For more informations/screenshots and to purchase !Prestige

Contest: Due to the generosity of AG Designs, we have 50 copies of !Prestige to give you guys! To enter, leave your comment below. Just one entry per person please, winners will be chosen this Sunday at midnight PST.