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Theme Roundup

Time again for us to bring you our top picks for themes to dress up your BlackBerrys. As always, we have some great themes to feature for the various devices on the market, and due to a request made in the comments last week, we scoured around to find a theme compatible with the 85xx series of devices, as they tend to get neglected. There is also a contest again this week, so hit the jump to see our picks, and get in on the contest!

Free Themes of the Week



Our top pick for free non-touchscreen devices is ONYXia by VincethePrince. Holy Homescreen Batman! Take the stock theme for your non-touch BB, and give it a stiff shot of steroids, this is pretty close to what you might get. Two rows of icons on the bottom of the homescreen (all user-defined), total a whopping 16 icons, then throw in a top weather slot, and you have a heck of a lot of function packed into a free theme. Better yet, if you really need more functionality, you can purchase the pro or ultimate verisons. Upgrading to the Pro version will give you a choice of today features to be incorporated. Going Ultimate will provide you with a 10 icon dock on the main homescreen, and a total of FOUR screens accessed by scrolling. It even incoorporates SearchIt(if you have it installed) and Iconify (again, a separate app). You can get the basic version from the forums post below OTA. We've also included the CB store link if you want to upgrade. Available for the 85xx/8900/9630/9700 and Bold devices.

Our next choice is Tarnished bye CTthemes. I've run quite a few themes by Chris from CTthemes on my 8900, and he dropped me a line the other day to let me know that he is bringing his talent over to the 95xx series platform. He fired me a link to his first theme for the Storm, and I promptly installed to see how well his skills with trackball themes would translate. For those looking to change things up on your touchscreen BB without doing anything radically different, this theme will be a wonderful addition to your theme library. With a custom banner featuring that nice big clock I love, and a few nice tweaks to the font and backgrounds, it gives you a nice fresh look, without straying too far from the stock theme. Available for both 4.7 and 5.0 OS, get it OTA from the thread below.

Paid Themes of the Week



Our next pick is Impakt by John Piper. Perfect for both the casual and professional user, this wallpaper-friendly theme packs a massive amount of icons into the homescreen of your BlackBerry. With the potential to access over 28 different applications from your homescreen, who needs to leave it? 4 bottom tabs cover the standard apps, two slots on the homescreen for weather/favourite apps, and 8 more icons that can be defined under the "favorites" tab, along with 6 hotspots to round out this powerhouse theme. Check it out in the CB store for $3.99.



We've covered a few "clone" themes in previous roundups, but miPhone by Cocky Culture does a refreshing take on the premise. Instead of trying to make your touchscreen BB into an iPhone, it simply adds the look of the iPhone OS to your device. Featuring smooth iPhone-esque icons, and a slider screen, this theme keeps most of the BB layout, and adds a few aesthetic tweaks. If you're looking for a fresh new look for your device without trying to make it into something it isn't, you'll want to check out this theme. Available in the CB store for $4.95 for any 95xx device running 5.0 OS.

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That concludes our roundup for this week. We hope you enjoyed it, keep those tips and suggestions coming to our email,!