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Theme Roundup

We're back folks, with another installment of our weekly roundup, featuring our top picks for free and paid themes. Last week's "girly" roundup was well received, so rest assured that we'll be doing similar "themed" roundups in the future. The tip line has been a little quiet this week, but we've still managed to pull together some top-notch themes for your enjoyment. So, without further ado, hit the jump and let's take a look!

Free Themes of the Week



Browsing the forums the other day, I came across the thread for bCard by julioangelortiz, and diecided the screen caps looked promising, so I gave it a whirl. I was not disappointed. Taking a novel approach to the homescreen, instead of packing it with icons, this theme features a "one-at-a-time" approach. Four bottom tabs provide quick access to a variety of common applications (the coolest of which for me was a dedicated "Twitter" tab) with the last one being a 5 icon user-customizable side dock. Scrolling up to the "main" icons, allows you to scroll across huge, beautiful icons for 9 common apps. Also featuring a today area, this theme is extremely well made for a free theme. bCard is available for the 9700, you can download OTA below. 



      Our next choice RoxyBerry by SadosDemetrios. This one is a bit of a leftover from last week's roundup of girly themes. My girlfriend came across this one while cruising the forums, and promptly had my load it on the Storm for her. She was so insistent that it should be included in the roundup, I took a look for myself. I have had the opportunity in the past to run a few of SadosDemetrios's themes, and the man knows his way around a theme. With eye-popping color, laid out beautifully on the homescreen, this theme looks sweet right from the install. Getting further into it, the attention to detail and polish of the theme really start to shine. Six icons form an L on the homescreen, and custom icons, highlights and banners run throughout. If you're really looking to change things up with a well put-together theme, check it out OTA in the forums post below.

        Paid Themes of the Week


        Our pick for non-touchscreen paid themes is Spectrum by berrygoodthemes. This theme is all about flair. Taking the stock theme and tweaking it in every aesthetic way possible, the developer has created a whole new look for your device, while staying true to the layout we know and love. A full set of new custom icons, (based of the Precision Zen set) custom skinned dialog boxes, cursors and menus, and a slick "rainbow" wallpaper make for a great start. Add in a great font, some splashes of orange for variety, and you have a stunning theme. My personal favorite is the app screen banner, the orange looks fantastic against the black banner. It runs fast and smooth on my 9700, taking nothing away from the performance of my BB. Available for all devices running 4.5 OS and up, it's available in the CB store for $1.99 until March 31st.


          Touch Panels

          Our final pick for this weeks roundup is Touch Panels by kdjayo. I really like the look of this theme, it kinda makes me miss having my Storm in service. The homescreen is packed with features. A 4 icon customizable bottom dock, 6 icon hidden sliding "panels" (also customizable), and 4 hotspots, start things off. They then get rounded out by the hidden today area, and weather slot. The icons, meters, and clock are simple and clear, making this theme easy on the eyes. It is available for all 95xx devices for $4.99 at the CrackBerry App Store.

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            That concludes our roundup for this week. We hope you enjoyed it, keep those tips and suggestions coming to our email,!