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Theme Roundup june 7

Theme junkies, it's time for your weekly overdose of visual goodness. The tip line has been unusually quiet this last week, but I have found some stellar themes while skimming through the forums. If you have a favorite theme or developer, be sure to send it along to the roundup tip line! Now, let's hit the jump and get to the good stuff.


6! by BBThemes


It seems that everyone nowadays is buzzing about OS 6 for BlackBerry, and who can blame them with teasers like this.Until that drops, we are stuck with wishing and salivating, but Dave from BBThemes has released a new theme to help with the cravings. 6! is a well put together "replica" of what we currently know about OS 6, featuring 3 homescreens for Messaging, Media, and All. A full set of custom "OS 6-like" icons are featured, along with a hidden today, hotkeys for QuickLaunch and SMS, and built-in search integration. It may not be the real thing, but it may just tide you over. Available for free in the CB store for 480x360 devices running OS 5.

Blah by Pootermobile


Showing some love for the 9000 this week, I had to put this free theme in the roundup. Crisp and clean, the homescreen is wallpaper friendly in the extreme, with a very minimal banner and a hidden dock. Six user-defined icons reside in the dock, and a hidden today rounds out the homescreen function. A full set of custom icons is included, and ytransitions run throughout the theme. Available for OS 4.6 and 5.0 OTA from the forums thread below.


iMax by R&R Theme Designs

If you're looking for a great-looking theme for your touch BlackBerry, but don't want to sacrifice function, this theme is definitely worth a look. Featuring a full set of custom icons, made specifically to match all the other custom work throughout the theme, this theme has a sleek, polished look and feel. Two static icon slots reside in the top corners for apps such as Meterberry or BerryWeather. The bottom dock is where all the magic happens, with 3 cycling docks giving access to 25 applications right from your homescreen. Rounded off with a hidden today, this theme is sure to keep you happy for a good long while. Available for touch devices running 5.0 in the CB store for $2.99.


Out of the Blue by skippyhdog


I am sorry to say, I tend to neglect my 8530 when it comes to themes, as it's my work BB and I really have no urge to customize it. That said, cruising through the forums the other day, I came across this theme and gave it a whirl. I have to say, I was pretty impressed, and have been runnning it ever since. The clean look of the homescreen is what originally caught my eye, the mini cons and clickable clock along the bottom bar appealed to me. The theme also features a hidden top dock with 10 user-defined icons, and a very nice implementation of the today feature. Scrolling to the extreme right or left will display a dedicated screen for either Messages or Calendar respectively, which I found very useful. Get it today OTA in the forums thread below.


Super Mario Brothers Theme by BerryGoodThemes

super mario brothers theme

I can't even begin to count the number of hours wasted playing Super Mario as a kid, and that game will always hold a special place in my heart. This theme takes all the best visual elements of that clasic and puts them on your Pearl's homescreen. Featuring 7 fixed icons plus a weather slot on the homescreen, and a custom color scheme modelled after Mario and Luigi, the attention to detail is impressive. The three mushrooms at the top of the screen connect to Options, Manage Connections, and Profiles, and Mario bounces across the scrren to focus Messages, Calendar, SMS, and Bowser, err Browser. Custom Mario wallpaper has been used on all screens, rounding out the theme nicely. Available for multiple devices in the CB store, for $3.89.

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That's it for the theme roundup this week, keep those tips and suggestions coming to the roundup email at