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Theme Roundup

It's been a busy week here at Theme Roundup Central, I've just finished moving, and finally have my internet access back, so I apologize for the delay. First order of business though, is to satisfy those cravings for new themes! We have some absolutely awesome themes this week, with some great tips sent in on the tip line, and a few I reached out to the developer for. Hit the jump and read on, I'll have you sporting a new theme in no time.


ColorStarsBB by BBFreaks


BBFreaks have become a mainstay here in the Roundup, constantly cranking out new and exciting themes for your enjoyment. ColorStarsBB is their newest offering, and this one is geared towards the ladies. Brightly colored and visually stunning, the homescreen is an eye-catcher from the moment the theme loads. Nine user-customizable icons on the homescreen are hidden in two docks, keeping the form to function ratio optimal. Sporting custom battery and signal meters, and fully skinned throughout, this is yet another solid offering for your device. Three stars on the homescreen are animated, changing color every time you change the icon focus, which adds a nice little touch of "cute". Available for the 8900/9000/96xx/9700 series for $3.99 until June 7th.

Defined PRO by shankeith


I got a PM the other day in the forums from shankeith, giving me a heads up on his latest theme, so I had to take a look. Those who follow the roundup religiously may remember I featured his "Finesse" theme a few months back. True to form, he has brought forth another quality offering, combining some stunning visuals with a fully functioning homescreen. Ten user defined icons are hidden away in a hidden scrolling dock, allowing maximum view of your wallpaper while keeping your icons close to hand. There are two versions, choose between the version with calendar display, and one without. A free trial is available, so check it out today, and if you like it, it's available for purchase in the CB store for only $2.00.


Vista Complete 3 by KDJayo


One of the powerhouse theme devs for the Storm, I'm a huge fan of KD and his themes. With this theme, he has given Vista Complete 2.0 a complete overhaul, adding loads of new features and functionality. So much so, in fact, that I'm going to let him do the talking, taking the updates straight from his forums post on the theme.

1. Condensed the start menu into 4 sections that can be expanded and collapsed upon tapping the root directory. For example, as pictured in the screenshot, by tapping the "Messaging" root, it expands, pushing down Media Center and Control Panel, and in the extra space reveals the sub-directory containing the Messenger, Messages, SMS/MMS and Memopad apps. The same concept applies to the other 3 directories as well.

2. Upon selection of one of the sub-directory icons, a preview of the icon will show on the right upper right half of the start menu so you dont have to wonder if you selected the right icon or not

3. The 4 icons on the bottom of the start menu dock are user definable. Tap the blue button on the right side of the dock right above the 4 icons to slide between another 4 user-defined icons

4. 4 more icons in a 4-square configuration on top of semi-transparent BGs for continuity

5. 4 slot Hidden Today with a semi-transparent background that pops up when you are selecting Calendar or Messages from the Start Menu.

6. Dedicated weather slot for your weather app, or any other application really (ie: memory apps, quickpull, whatev)

7. Dedicated Sound Profiles icon to the right of the Vista Orb.

8. Completely revamped interface with crisper graphics, sharper lines, and more vibrancy in the icon colors.

Sure to please any 95xx user, this theme is available in the CB store for $4.99 until June 4th.

Play by Built by Request


The latest offering from Built by Request takes some awesome function and packs it into a great, clean, PS3 replica theme. The attention to detail really shines here, with everything as close as possible to the authentic PS3 visuals. The icons have been shrunk to allow for better wallpaper view, and a weather slot has been included. A static dock of 6 user-defined icons displays on the homescreen, with hidden mini icons displaying under the dock when the column is highlighted. The battery and signal meters are fully custom, and the signal meter actually displays as numerals next to the "Play" logo.  Available in the CB store for multiple devices for $4.99 until June 4th.


DReW17-retro- by DReW


I got this tip today, just in time to include this theme in the roundup. Special thanks to Andrew for the tip.I've featured DReW's themes in the roundup before, and I'm a big fan of his work. The fact that he puts these great themes out to the community for free deserves a special tip of the hat as well. This particular theme features some great work, right from the icons down to the custom battery meters. A novel "bullet-hole" focus icon adds a touch of flair, and sits well with the other colored components of the theme.  Available in two colors, red and purple, it's a surefire hit for your Curve series device. Get it OTA in the forums thread below.

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That's it for the theme roundup this week, keep those tips and suggestions coming to the roundup email at