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Theme Roundup june 28

This last week has been awesome to see all the tips coming in, and some very solid themes being put up for consideration.  The release of the new update to Theme Builder, I'm getting excited about all the great new themes we should see very soon for the new Pearl 91xx series. Let's get this started, hit the jump to see this week's picks!


!Design by BBThemes


Here's a new theme from BBThemes that is sure to please those who have high standards when it comes to the look of their themes. A great set of custom icons, and well-made custom components are a treat for the eyes, and the theme is fully skinned for overall flow. Two stacks of icons reside on the sides of the homescreen, sliding away at the press of a key for maximum wallpaper view. A hidden today is also included, and is again launched at the press of a key. One nice feature that the developer thought to include is the option to show a background on the today area, in case you happen to be using a light wallpaper at the time. An all around awesome theme, and available in the CB store for $4.99.

Pyramid of Bounce by Brandon 8ch


I just had to include this theme in the roundup. Part of what I try to do is to shed some light on new and lesser-known themers, and this one qualifies.  Brandon emailed me the other day with this theme, and I had to give him a tip of the hat for his efforts.  A unique icon layout to the homescreen with bouncing icons leaves a nice, clean look. The arrangement flows well, and the popular "OS6" icons fit well.  Although most of the major elements are borrowed, he hasdefinitely shown that he has talent in the way he has taken them and made them his own.  Look for big things from this one, he has the talent to become a very good themer, given time. Did I mention he's only 15 years old? Give this one a shot and you'll see what I mean. Only available for the 9700 right now,you can download from the OTA link below.


Liege by Pootermobile


Pootermobile makes some sweet looking themes, and he never skimps on function.  I grabbed this one off of Twitter, and loved the look of it. A clean, professional looking homescreen is perfect for any wallpaper you choose, and a 5 icon hidden dock displays user-defined icons. A very unique animation accompanies the dock's "hide"mode, which is really a treat to see. I won't spoil the surprise on this one, you'll have to find out for yourself what I'm talking about. Rounded out with the type of custom work we've come to expect from him, a full set of custom icons and meters really complete the look and feel of the theme. The theme is available in the CB store for $3.99 for various devices.


Free Gold Theme by Lilin28

gold theme

A lot of people rag on the 85xx series low screen resolution, but themes like this just prove that the perceived limitation doesn't hold back a great looking theme.  If you want to add a little bling to your Curve screen, but still keep it tasteful, I highly suggest you take a look at this free offering from the forums.  Featuring some slick looking gold icons, and stock meters shaded gold for effect, the homescreen has 10 user-defined mini icons located in a hidden dock. A weather slot is included, and a clickable clock rounds out the function.  A solid offering, and better yet free, you can download it today from the forums thread below.


Classic Zen Fixed Calendar by berrygoodthemes

classic zen fixed calendar

I love the fact that I can include 91xx themes in the roundup now, although the pickings are still quite slim. The fact they are available is cause for celebration however, so I had to jump right on it. A classic theme from beryygoodthemes, this one has been rocked on many other devices, and has now been brought to the new Pearl. A 12 icon sliding dock holds all user-defined icons, and the calendar view is static on the homescreen allowing an always-on view of your appointments. A weather icon is located in the top corner of the screen, and the entire theme has been skinned with clean and fresh elements. Available for $3.99 in the CB store.

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That's it for the theme roundup this week, keep those tips and suggestions coming to the roundup email at