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Theme Roundup july 26

I spent a lot of time sifting through the forums this week, looking for a few good themes to include in the roundup alongside some of the great tips I received on the tip line. If you happen to be a theme junkie, yet haven't browsed through our forums, you really are missing out, I would suggest you remedy that as soon as humanly possible to get your hands on some seriously good themes. That said, I have a few great ones to show you, so hit the jump and see the best of the best for this week!


!Futurism Berrygoodthemes


Last week, I took a look at MONO, which was a collaborative effort involving this developer, and this week it's a stand-alone entry that caters to those looking for something a little closer to the stock theme that comes with their device. An awesome ombination of dark grey and red has been used throughout the theme, giving it a clean look without a lot of flash. The homescreen feaures 6 user definable icons, able to be hidden by shortcut keys, and an always-on weather slot centered at the top. Transitions are included in the theme, but are limited, and not overbearing. The developer has made it available for a huge array of devices and OS versions, so anyone liking the look of the theme can check it out in the CB store today on sale for $.99 until the end of July.

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Clear H2O by alphakoi

Fresh out of the forums, this theme was only just posted when I found it. Modelled after some of the best minimal themes, like DC1 or Classique, that we have seen in the roundup previously, this theme is free as a way of the developer giving back to the community that helped him learn. The icon you see in the bottom of the screenshot is actually one of 15 user-definable icons that can be scrolled through, with only one visible at a time. The weather slot can be hidden, and a hidden today has been included in the theme as well. A whole host of hotkeys have been included, adding a lot of function to a very clean, wallpaper-friendly theme. If you happen to be a fn of minimal themes, check this one out today in the forums thread below.


Motus by Pootermobile


No doubt about it, Luis is one of the best developers out there when it comes to clean, functional Storm themes. His latest offering is yet another in a long line of excellent themes, and really makes me miss my old Storm (thankfully this one is also available for my 9700). Starting off with a full set of custom icons and meters, this theme is skinned in a great dark blue and black combination throughout, giving it a very professional look. On your touchscreen device, the homescreen has 5 mini icond, all user-definable, residing in a bottom dock. A weather slot is included in the banner for added value, but the bottom dock is where this theme really shines. Hiding the dock "sinks" the icons and covers them with a panel, and showing them agin causes them to rise up into view again. Altogether a very cool animation, you'll find yourself hiding and showing the dock a few times just to watch. Available for multiple devices in the CB store for $3.99.

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Cute and Colorful by a.leah86

cute and colorful

I found this theme while skimming through the forums, and it was just too cute to pass up. The theme doesn't have a huge deviation from the stock theme, but has been well put together, and gives a cute refresh to the 85xx homescreen. The full set of custom iconsare colorful and easily understood, and the banner has been modified for better wallpaper view. All fonts are user-definable, which can be a deal-maker for a lot of users. If you're looking for something a little different to brighten up your homescreen this week, check it out and download OTA from the forums thread below.


Tribal by Cocky Culture

By far the best theme I have seen for the 91xx series to date, Tribal adds an explosion of color and custom work to your Pearl device. The home screen features four user-defined icons, and a great custom clock/meter combination, really making the most out of the smaller screen real estate. Every component in this theme is custom, and has been carefully crafted to continue the "tribal" feel even after you switch the homescreen wallpaper. The icons are a personal favorite of mine, with a great clean look that really appeals to me. Available in the CB store for $4.99.
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That's it for the theme roundup this week, keep those tips and suggestions coming to the roundup email at [email protected]