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Theme Roundup july 19

Here we are again, another Monday, another roundup. The tip line was eerily quiet the last week, likely due to everyone being off enjoying the summer, but it has exploded with some quality themes in the last 24 hours. Hit the jump and see the best of the best for this week!


MONO by BBthemes and Berrygoodthemes


Two great theme developers have teamed up to bring us a great new theme in MONO. Inspired by both the BlackBerry and HTC Sense UI Mono, this theme blends the best of the two seamlessly for a great on-device experience. Both Minimalist and functional, the clean lines and muted colors flow throughout the theme. Scrolling up on the today screen takes you to a dedicated Today screen, and scrolling down opens a hidden bar with 4 fixed shortcuts to common apps. Five user defined icons reside on the homescreen in a bottom dock, and the theme also features a full set of custom icons and components to really make it seem complete. Available in the CB store for $1.99 until July 23rd.

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Series 7 by Vince the Prince

series 7
Vince is back this week with another unique theme, this time based on the Windows Phone 7 UI. Minimalist and feature-loaded, this theme is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the WinMo UI, taking elements directly from what we know of the coming release. The left side of the screen features a hidden dock with 9 large icons for your most used apps, and the right side contains yet another hidden dock with 10 mini icons for additional access. Scrolling all the way to the right shows a dedicated today screen, and scrolling up hides all elements for maximum wallpaper view. Scrolling to the left opens the "color control panel", a really unique feature that allows you to control the colors displayed on the tiles throughout the theme. Available in the CB store for $2.99 until July 31st.
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WePlay by BuiltbyRequest


My buddy Zak makes some seriously sweet replica themes, and I have featured Play, his PS3 replica, in previous roundups. With WePlay, he has brought the Nintendo Wii experience to your handheld, perfectly emulating the look and feel of the UI. Clean and crisp, the minimalist (noticing a pattern here) look of this theme really pops when you add the right wallpaper, and the customicon set included shows the care and attention to detail we have come to expect from his themes. Thirteen user-defined icons take up the homescreen, and a weather slot has been included in the bottom banner. Available ion the CB store for multiple devices for $3.99, you don't have to love the Wii platform to really enjoy this theme.

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Simplicity by Sabio


This theme has been floating around the forums for a good while, and I came across it again on the weekend. A solid, clean theme, it basically tweaks the Precision Zen theme and cleans it up a bit for better wallpaper view. Tabs have been done away with on the icons, and a reworked custom banner has been used to take up less screen real estate. All in all, well worth the download, and you can grab it today for free from the forums thread below.


Dusk by jmerhi


This theme hooked me based on the screen caps alone. Simple function combines with some beautiful visual effects to create an awesome look for your BlackBerry device. Featuring a hidden dock with all user-defined icons, launched and hidden using the spacebar, as well as a full set of custom icons. The centered banner is clean, and displays the time prominently, which is a major plus for me. Available for multiple devices for $5.99 until July 31 in the CB store.

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That said, that's it for the theme roundup this week, keep those tips and suggestions coming to the roundup email at [email protected]