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Theme Roundup july 12

Happy Monday theme junkies! It has been a crazy week here at Roundup Central, and I'm loving the themes I'm looking at rightr now while finishing my second pot of coffee. I have some stellar picks this week, by some of the best in the business. We have some new devs, as well as some that are making a return to the lineup. Hit the jump, and we'll get to the good stuff.


Frozen Yogurt by VincethePrince

frozen yogurt

Vince has made an appearance in the roundup before, and his theming skills never leave us wanting. His latest production, Frozen Yogurt, is sure to give Android and BlackBerry fans alike a real treat. Featuring an "Android" look, with all the function of a BlackBerry, the homescreen screams function, with a couple of neat little tricks thrown in. Six user-defined icons in a bottom dock, two additional icons below and hidden hotspots for the standard shortcuts make for a great start. An additional shortcut bar, and included Google search widget pack even more into the homescreen. If you aren't keen on cluttering up your screen with all that, you can easily hide the additional shortcut bar and search widget. Scrolling to the right will display a dedicated Today screen, and scrolling one further will hide everything for maximum wallpaper view. Scrolling to the left from the home will take you to a wallpaper selection screen, where you can select from a variety of included wallpapers, or choose to use your own. Chock full of goodness, this theme is definitely worth the purchase. Available in the CB store for $3.99 for multiple devices.

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eleven_w2 by kirksucks

Anyone who frequent the CB theme forums should have run across this dev and his creations at some point. If yuou haven't make sure you make that a priority to do so immediately, as he makes some seriously fantastic themes. This one in particular features two homescreen slots at the top, and 11 user-defined mini icons in a hidden dock. Clean, crisp, and fully skinned, with some awesome transparent menus, this is a free theme that will satisfy even the most demanding of users. Available OTA from his site, where you will find several other quality themes for your perusal.


OrangeBB by BBFreaks


What can I say, I have a real weakness when it comes to the color orange. Heck, even my BlackBerry case is orange, and I tend to lean towards various shades when I'm creating wallpapers.If you're like me, you will definitely want to check this baby out.Fully skinned, in n awesome shade of orange, the theme features a full set of custom icons, as we have come to expect from Miguel and his crew. Three homescreens cover the Today, wallpaper, and function oncerns, with a total of 15 applications available. Customizable fonts in the menus allow you to tailor the theme how you like, and the custom work included is a cut above. Available in the CB store for multiple devices on sale for $3.99 until July 14th

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BeFroyo by Ahaz and JMal Designs


Ahaz and JMal make some quality themes, no argument there. Their latest creation takes the Froyo look from Android and brings it to your BlackBerry home screen. A full set of Android style icons, and some serious homescreen function will really amp up your Curve. A dedicated today scree, which is becoming more prevalent in these types of themes, is a nice touch, and a personal favorite. Fully skinned, in every minute detail, this theme is a must for any BlackBerry user that craves the Android look and feel. Available in the CB store for just $2.99 for multiple devices.

  • More information and purchase of BeFroyo>>


Onyxia 6 by Vince the Prince

Onyxia 6

I put out a call last week for more free themes for the 91xx series, and I'm happy to see that that call  has been answered. Notably, Vince has stepped up, bringing one of his best free themes to the Pearl platform, earning him a double feature in this week's roundup as a tip of the hat. Simple and straight-forward this theme was a favorite on my 8900, and is sure to be on your 91xx screen. Two hidden docks (one bottom and one on the left) hold a total of 11 user-defined icons, and a hidden today adds to the homescreen function. You can download it OTA from the forums thread below.

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That said, that's it for the theme roundup this week, keep those tips and suggestions coming to the roundup email at [email protected]