Themes Roundup

Thanks to all of our readers who have been keeping the theme roundup email blowing up all week with tips and suggestions on free and paid themes. Keep them coming folks, we will bring you the best of the best every week. We have some really great themes to feature this week from both new and already established developers so click the jump to read on.

Free Themes of the Week



Our top free pick this week is for the 9700, the theme is called section8. The theme features 8 bottom docked icons as well as 3 docked at the top that are all user customizable. This theme is loaded with shortcuts, click on the battery to open options, clock to open time, network to open manage connections. This is a great theme especially for people who want to access most of their daily apps straight from the homescreen. section8 is available in multiple formats including original and Hidden Today. There are many more shortcuts that were added, click the link below for more information.


The Cube

The Cube by forums member robvb68 is a beautiful theme we ran accross recently on the forums. The theme features 6 user defined apps arranged in a cube on the bottom left side of your Storm 95xx. You can cycle thru 2 different Cube icon arrangments as well as hide it simply by pressing the orb on the wallpaper. The Cube also has some very good looking Windows style icons that mesh perfect with its wallpaper. This theme does have a Hidden Today area as well as 6 hidden apps that can be accessed very easily, for example click the signal meter to bring up manage connections. All in all this a very attractive, very vibrant theme for your Storm. Click the link below for OTA download and feel free to donate to robv68.

Paid Themes of the Week



Our top non-touchscreen paid pick of the week is InnovationBB by BB-Freaks. We loved this theme from the moment we saw it. We were quite impressed by the vivid colors and layout, featuring sharp graphics and smooth icons, this theme is a treat to look at. InnovationBB has 10 of the most popular native applications locked to homescreen as well as 2 customizable icons (chuckled at the fact that they sit in the chairs). Overall InovationBB provides the function you need, with a great look thats sure to impress. This theme is compatible with the 8900, 9000, 9630, and 9700. It is on sale for $1.99 until February 10th.

  • More information and download of InnovationBB>>


Transparency Theme

The top touchscreen paid pick of the week is Transparency theme by David Hochheiser. My Storm is my work BB, so I tend to try and stick to themes that can represent the professional aspects of my life. This theme combines the function I need with a great professional look, suitable for the office. Transparency Theme Features a clean homescreen with 2 top slots for whatever applications best suit you, and 6 shortcut buttons on the bottom row. The theme is available in both 5 and 10 icon versions as well as a hidden dock version, allowing for maximum view of whatever wallpaper you happen to be rocking at the time. It is available for the 95xx series devices running OS 5 at a price of $1.99.
  • More information and download of Transparency Theme>>

Well thats it for this week, unfortunately we do not have any contests this week. Developers remember you can send us an email at [email protected] if you want your theme featured, or would like to add a contest.

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