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CrackBerry Theme Roundup
Well here we are with the first CrackBerry Theme Roundup of 2011! We had a lot of requests lately for a more girly theme roundup, so here it is ladies! I found a few different styles, so hopefully something below will suite you. And guys don't worry, I found the manliest theme I've ever seen and included that for you below. The contest this week is small, but don't worry because I have something good in the works for you theme junkies so watch for that in the next day or so. Until then enjoy the picks below. Don't forget to send in your themes and tips to themeroundup[at]!

Virena by Raypho

Virena v1.0 by Raypho

Virena is a new theme for the ladies from Raypho, in lovely shades of pink.
Offering fixed Calendar and Messages display on the home screen (number of entries varies according to device type), 10 user definable icons (8 icons for 8300, 8500, 9300 series) and customized icons and fonts, this theme has all the basics you need in a cute little package.
Available on sale for $3.99 until the end of January, Virena is available for just about every BlackBerry running OS 4.5-5.0 and the Torch.
For more screenshots/information and to purchase Virena

Kawaii Time by NinjaThemes

Kawaii Time Theme! by NinjaThemes

So you're looking for a girly theme but want to stay away from pink? No problem! Cute skulls, adorable fluffy poodles and lots of bright reds, blues and lime greens make this Kawaii theme from NinjaThemes the perfect little touch for edgy sweetness. Custom icons and meters and a funky font round this fun theme out and make it a truly unique look for your device.
Kawaii Time is available for BlackBerry 89xx/96xx/9700 on OS 5.0 and is on sale right now for just $1.99. Getchoo some!
For more information/screenshots and to purchase Kawaii Time

Girl by GTT

Girl by Global Torch Themes

At first glance, Girl from GTT looks like a simple theme for your Torch. Upon further investigation however, you will find packed into the home screen a ton of utility: a Today area that shows up to 8 new messages, calendar entries, tasks, text messages or memos; a clean, handy landscape mode with 5 calendar entries, 2 Facebook and Twitter messages & a social feeds notification icon. Fourteen dedicated home screen slots and 6 user defined icons provides you with super-quick navigation as well as access to almost every area of your BB OS right from the home-screen. Beautiful fonts, icons and meters ensure this theme will be one you want to use for a long time to come.
Girl is on sale now for $5.99 and is compatible with the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Girl

The Birds by MMMOOO

The Birds by MMMOOO

I haven't found a lot of themes that I like using on my Torch, but that changed when I stumbled across this theme. I fell in love instantly with the adorable graphics, smooth interface and attention to detail in every aspect. The patterns resemble cut paper, and the colors are eye-catching without being overwhelming. The little birds on each screen make me smile, and the overall feel of this theme is comfortable and fun. I also wanted to mention that The Birds is an award winning theme, having taken first place in the BlackBerry Theme Design Competition 2010 in Hong Kong, sponsored by RIM.
The Birds is FREE in BlackBerry App World, and is compatible with all devices running OS 4.5 - 5.0, and the Torch.
For more information/screenshots and to download The Birds

Shooter by Pootermobile

Shooter by Pootermobile

OK guys, I didn't leave you out. The new theme from Pootermobile called Shooter is the most manly theme I've ever seen so I hope that makes up for all the girly-ness above.
First person shooter video games are very popular these days. Whether it be Call of Duty, Halo or any other game tons of people love them. So why not have a similar experience on you BlackBerry? With Shooter you will not only have a gun pop up to reveal 6 cross-hairs doubling as customizable apps, you will also be able to shoot the gun. Yes you read correctly, you can shoot the gun on the screen and see an animation never seen in a theme like this. If you are a fan of first person shooter games pick up this theme today!
  • Weather slot – must have a paid or free weather app installed (not included)
  • 6 "cross-hairs" doubling as customizable apps
  • Shooting gun animation!
  • Custom battery and signal meters
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • No carrier
  • Transitions throughout
Shooter is available for $3.99 and is compatible with the BlackBerry 9000, 89xx/96xx/9700, 9550 (OS 5.0 only) and the Torch 9800.
For more information/screenshots and to purchase Shooter

Bold 2011 by MMMOOO

Bold 2011 by MMMOOO

The creative gang over at MMMOOO has designed this simple yet elegant theme to help welcome in the new year. Bold 2011 features their Candy icons set against a silver lined background. A subtle, easy-to-read font understated meters make this a theme you will want to return to any time of the year with your own wallpaper.
Bold 2011 is available for $3.99 and is compatible with all BlackBerry smartphones running OS 4.5-5.0 and the Torch.
For more information/screenshots and to purchase Bold 2011

Contest: MMMOOO has given us 15 copies of Bold 2011 to pass on to you. Leave a comment below to enter. One entry per person, winners are drawn this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good Luck!