Theme Roundup
Another week, another Theme Roundup! As always we have some awesome themes lined up after the break. We have a great contest for you guys, so be sure you read all the way to the end for details. Also, when entering, please note that only the indicated theme is eligible. You may want to be sure your BlackBerry is compatible with the contest theme before entering as well. Don't forget to send in theme tips to themeroundup[at] See you all next week! 

BlackBerry Girl

BlackBerry Girl by Pootermobile

Some of you might remember this free theme from a while back. Blackberry Girl had been a free theme available for only keyboard devices. But now it has been revamped and available for not only keyboard devices but for touchscreen devices as well!  This is a very wallpaper friendly theme for the girls. Smooth purple and pink accents envelope your Blackberry on this theme. Themes of this kind are a bit hard to find so download it for free right now!

  • 6 hidden customizable icons on homescreen
  • On-screen instructions by Celly
  • No carrier
  • Transitions throughout
  • Wallpaper friendly

BlackBerry Girl is available for FREE and is compatible with the BlackBerry 9000, 89xx/96xx/89xx, 9550, and 9800. All devices OS 5 only with the exception of the 9800.

For more information/screenshots and to download BlackBerry Girl


Bionic by John Piper

Bionic will give you a different look than the typical theme with its circular animations and sliding dock. Bionic runs like it has its own bionic makeup. Bionic also offers a couple of hotspots on the left and right side as Profiles and QuickLaunch. Download and enjoy!
Bionic is available for $3.99 and is compatible with BlackBerry 85xx, 96xx, 9700, and 95xx, OS 5.0 only.
For more information and to purchase Bionic


BBDiva by ale7714 Designs

BBDiva is an elegant, clean and classic theme. Features such as hidden today, shortcuts and cute wallpapers make BBDiva the perfect theme for those who want their BlackBerry looking good and yet being functional.

  • Pink icons.
  • Pink battery, signal and other notifications icons.
  • Cute wallpapers that match the theme.
  • Hidden Today (Only for OS 4.6 and above).
  • The home screen icons are customizable.
  • Shortcuts to Messages, Messenger, Options, Calendar and Contacts (Shortcuts might vary according to the device model).
  • Transitions (Only for OS4.7.1 and above).
  • All details of the theme have been carefully customized.

BBDiva is Free and available for more devices than I can list, excluding any devices with touchscreen and BB6.

For more information/screenshots and to download BBDiva


Ease by Vimukti Technologies

Ease by Vimukti Technologies is such a pretty and functional theme. Ten icons cover the right side of your screen, and the left side is home to a today plus section with messages, calendar, and phone log. The blue colors throughout the theme are pleasant and match the awesome wallpaper. This is a dark theme, but I think it's very pleasing to look at.

Ease is available for $3.99 and is compatible with just about every BlackBerry out there running OS 4.6-5.0 and the Torch on BB6.
For more information/screenshots and to purchase Ease


Stellar by RJ Designs

This theme is unique in several ways. First, there are no icons on the Home Screen to clutter up the look of your BlackBerry device. Second there are four Today items that are selectable at the top and will stay there in view till you touch the Notification Bar or press the Escape key depending on your device. Also the lower dock with your "text icons" will cycle up and down out of view for more wallpaper friendly viewing. And one last unique feature is the Profiles icon at the top left is all text so you know exactly what your ring tone setting is at a glance. You will see there are two icon versions of this theme. One has custom icons and the other has custom dark OS6 icons.

Stellar is available on sale for $1.99 (regularly $3.99) and is compatible with BlackBerry 96xx (OS 4.7 and 5.0), 89xx/9700 (OS 5.0), and Storm 95xx (OS 4.7 and 5.0). Sorry, no Torch version available.
For more information/screenshots and to purchase Stellar

Contest: RJ Designs has given us 25 copies of Stellar to pass on to you. If you own a compatible device and are interested in entering to win, just leave a comment below. Winners are chosen randomly this Sunday at midnight PST. One entry per person please!