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Theme Roundup Aug 30

Happy Monday theme junkies! This is the last theme roundup for August, it seems like the summer flew by, and school is right around the corner. Theme devs have been hard at work lately, filling up my tip line with tons of great themes, and I have some of the best to show you here today. Hit the jump and take a look at this week's picks.


HTC Incredible by Ethemes

HTC Incredible

Ely makes some of the best HTC clone themes out there, and this latest addition to his repertoire is no exception. A stunning theme, every element of it has been skinned or created custom to give an authentic look and feel to it. The homescreen banner includes the trademark huge clock, as well as a weather slot, and the icon set matches perfectly. The bottom bar launches Contacts and Compose, and the homescreen allows for 6 user-defined icons. Two menus are integrated into the homescreen, one providing access to utility functions such as the Clock, Manage Connections, etc, and the other accessing the hidden Today screens. Hotkeys add another touch of function, making this a highly useful theme, while maintaining a high level of visual appeal. Available on sale in the CB store for $1.99.

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Serenity by AJC3 Designs


Here's a theme for those looking to class up their homescreen a bit without cluttering it up at the same time. A four icon static dock provides access to Contacts, BBM, SMS, and Messages, and a 6 icon hidden dock holds user-defined icons ready to show at the push of a button. A hidden Today screen slides into view when the proper hotkey combination is pressed, and hides away after, again with hotkeys, taking the fuss out of trying to navigate to a certain spot to launch it. Fully skinned, and icluding a very nice icon set, it's available in the CB store for $2.99.

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Clickable by TDM Designs


The name says it all with this theme. The homescreen is chock full of hotspots, over 7 in total, providing access to tons of applications while leaving the homescreen clean and providing full wallpaper view.Three launch icons at the bottomof the screen launch separate menus, with Media providing access to Camera, Music, etc, and Menu providing access to Clock, Calendar, Contacts, and the like. Tapping the App button launches a 6 icon user-defined hidden dock. Fully skinned, this theme also includes custom battery/signal meters, and a full set of custom icons. The notification bar also turns red when new messages arrive. Available in the CB store for $2.99 for multiple devices.

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ReVos by jmerhi


Jose continues to impress me, not only with the visual appeal of his themes, but with the fact that he tends to step outside the norm and make unique themes, without losing function. The theme looks pretty standard at firstglance, with a nicely rendered homescreen including 4 static icons in the bottom dock. The real hotness of this theme comes from the two hidden columns that hold 7 icons each. The columns are fully user defined, and slided up and down to scroll throuhg the available apps. Including the custom work that Jmerhi has put in all of his themes, the battery and signal meters are fully custom, and every last element has been fully skinned for flow. Available in the CB store for $5.99 for multiple devices.

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Cerise by berrygoodthemes

Cute and colorful, this theme gives your device a femeinine feel, without putting you into pink overdose. Eight user-defined icons sit on the homescreen in an "L" format, providing access to a lot of icons for the small screen real estate. Hot pink wallpapers are included on every screen, and the theme is fully skinned to carry that color throughout the theme. The icon set is all new, and all custom, looking great on device against the pink backdrop. The homescreen icons even bounce, making for a touch of fun. Available in the CB store, on sale for just $.99.
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That's it for the theme roundup this week, keep those tips and suggestions coming to the roundup email at [email protected]