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Theme Roundup Aug 16

This last week has seen a lot of great new themes, and cruising the forums I have managed to dig up some great older, overlooked themes that you really need to check out. The forums here on CrackBerry are a weatlth of great stuff for theme junkies, if you haven't taken a cruise through, you're really missing out. I'm anxiously awaiting the day when a new update comes out for Theme Builder so I can start adding 9800 themes into the weekly roundup, but until then, hit the jump and we'll take a look at this week's picks.


BB-Gray by RJ Designs


If you happen to be looking for a neutral, clean theme to rock this week, this one is definitely worth the look. The minimal bottom dock contains 6 fixed icons that launch the most used apps, and a top hidden dock holds 6 user-defined icons, and disappears when not needed for best wallpaper view. The theme includes the Procision Zen icons, skinned gray to fit with the rest of the theme, and the gray tone flows throughout the theme for a clean, professional look. The notification bar also turns red when new notifications arrive, making it really stand out among other themes out there. Available in the CB store on sale for $1.25, the dev also has a promo going with Quite Simple Inc, giving you a coupon good for 30% off their apps when you purchase on of his themes.

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Siren by Dannieloco
Another clean, professional theme, this one uses red very tastefully against a gray background to give just the right amount of zip, while keeping it suitable for an office. Six user-defined icons are placed in a bottom dock, and a minimal banner balances the top of the screen. A hidden today displays 5 entries, giving you your latest messages and appointments right on your homescreen. Hotkeys add some additional functionality to the homescreen, amking it a solid entry in this week's lineup. Fully skinned, and including a great set of matching custom icons, it's available as a free OTA download from the forums thread below.


NewGlass by Tech Revive


The screen cap above makes me miss my Storm. The screen real estate available on that device was second to none, and themes like this remind me of that fact. Extremely wallpaper friendly, this theme has three fixed buttons at the base of the screen that launch your messaging functions. Five user defined icons are included as well, in a pop-up hidden dock that appears a third of the way from the bottom. Even better, the banner can be hidden to provide even better view of your chosen wallpaper, and the rest of the threme has been fully skinned, including custom icons. Available in the CB store for $3.99.

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Garminfone by Big Papa Designs


This theme takes some great visual effects, and combines them with some unique function to create a very cool product. Three large user defined icons dominate the homescreen, suitable for your favorite apps. They are fully hideable, so as not to disrupt wallpaper view when they aren't needed. A hidden dock with 8 more user defined icons pops up from the bottom of the screen, and again hides for wallpaper friendliness. A dedicated dropdown today screen displays 2 entries each for Messages, Calendar, and SMS, and the entire theme has been skinned in your choice of green or blue. Chock full of custom work, from the meters and menus to the custom icon set, check it out today if you are looking for something a little different on your Curve. Available for multiple devices in the CB store for $2.99.

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Crystal Clear Pearl by lord judass

Crystal Clear Pearl
Sadly, after a good start, our 91xx themes have dropped off lately, with the forum still taking up only a single page. Rather than leaving out the Pearl line this week, I dug around to find a great little theme for the original 81xx series and came up with this. Crisp and clean, four user defined icons sit on the bottom of the homescreen, and the entire theme has been fully skinned in a great look. I have a bit of a soft spot for clear elements, and this theme incorporates them very nicely for a great overall look. Available as a free download from the forums thread below.
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That's it for the theme roundup this week, keep those tips and suggestions coming to the roundup email at [email protected]