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Theme Roundup Aug 10

Another week, another roundup. With last week's "release" of the BlackBerry OS 6 icons, we've seen a flood of new themes coming out, both updated versions of previous themes, and new OS6 "clone" versions. I have a few of them collected for you, and one or two that have nothing OS6 about them. Hit the jump and take a look!


Xis by BBThemes


Love the look of OS 6, without all the flash and extras on the homescreen? Still quite content with your stock theme in OS 5, but looking for something a little more? You'll want to check thihotkeys for s theme out, which takes the OS 5 Zenlayout, and adds a few tasteful elements of OS 6 for flavor. Transitions are included, but limited so as not to be overpowering, and hotkeys for Pictures, Music, Clock, etc have been included to add to the homescreen function. Currently on sale in the CB store for just $.99.

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Simple and Professional by 9of13

simple and professional
Another theme with the OS 6 elements incorporated into it, this one takes a different approach, packing loads of function into the homescreen. the top dock contains 10 user-defined mini icons, and the dock below it contains five full-sized, fixed icons. The top dock can also be hidden via hotkeys, and the today area includes Messages and Calendar in a non-hidden format.Fully skinned to keep the clean, professional look throughout, it's available OTA from the forums thread below.


Solar Storm by CorpSoft

solar storm

Taking the Storm spot for two consecutive weeks, CorpSoft is showing their ability to make a great touch theme, without having to follow the trend. This theme comes in a variety of colors, and includes a very cool "orbiting" icon dock. The homescreen allows access to 23 different functions, and includes a hidden today with Calendar, Messages, and SMS. Each version is fully skinned to keep the color running throughout, and a great set of custom icons rounds out the theme. On sale for $1.99 until the end of August, the developer is also running a promotion to get a Lite version of the theme for free for a limited time. Check the forums thread about the theme for details.

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OS 6 theme by Firewind


Another repeat appearance this week from forums member Firewind, with the final OS 6 entry in today's roundup. Crisp and clean, the developer has created a very close replica of OS6, at least as close as we can get while running 5.0. Very well put together, this one has one interesting twist, it has a version created in pink just for the girls! Available as a free OTA download, you can get it from the forums thread below.

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That's it for the theme roundup this week, keep those tips and suggestions coming to the roundup email at [email protected]