Welcome to another edition of our theme roundup my fellow theme addicts.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Now it's time to get back to work and I have some great themes to show you in the roundup this week.

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If you developed a theme you want to share or see featured in the contest or discovered a really great one out there by all means shoot it on over to us! Submit your tips and suggestions to themeroundup[at]crackberry.com for consideration.

I hope you enjoy this week's picks so be sure to click on the jump to check them out.

Novus by Hamsterwheel (Keep Calm and Berry On)

Searching for just the right theme that blends style and functionality? Be sure to check out Hamsterwheel's latest eye-catching design. This elegant and minimalist theme features a four icon hidden dock, the must have weather slot, BlackBerry 10 icons, custom meters, and beautiful blue highlights. This theme is also wallpaper friendly to showcase all of your favorite backgrounds. What you may not know is that Novus means new in Latin and it certainly lives up to its name. There is nothing like a clean and fresh new look on your display to admire day in and day out. When it comes to creating themes, I just love the balance in her designs and her graphical prowess. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next. Available for $1.99 you can grab this for your Bold 99xx at the link below.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Novus

Mustache Owls by MMMOOO

There is nothing like a cute and funny theme to put a smile on your face. As a trusted theme developer, MMMOOO's creations never fail to disappoint with their creative works of art. This one stretches the imagination with its clever backgrounds, 3D leather icon set, and minimal homescreen layout. If you are searching for a burst of color to make your display pop then this is the one for you. From the tiny flower focus icons to the design of the butterfly wings this is one highly detailed and quality theme. Start your day off right and pick this up for $0.99. It is compatible with most devices running OS 4.5 and higher.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Mustache Owls

Green World by BB Freaks

Earth day is almost upon us so why not support the environment with a visually stunning theme by BB Freaks? Decked out from top to bottom, it features their signature icon set, sparkling backgrounds, 3D meters, and customized media player, compass, camera, and folder backgrounds. Bright and lively, I just love how the developer releases these premium quality themes to all of their fans for FREE. This is a solid theme that is available for most devices running OS 6 and higher. You can grab this one at the link below.

More information/screenshots and to download Green World

BlueStar Theme OS 7 by Rainbow

For those who love the color blue and searching for a lighthearted theme there is this design by Rainbow. With its cute ice blue icons, nighttime wallpapers, and matching colors throughout, it's a pleasant theme for your compatible device. You can pick this up for $1.99 and it is compatible with BlackBerry 9350/60/80, 9620, 9810/50/60, and 9900/30/81 running OS 7 and higher.

More information/screenshots and to purchase BlueStar Theme

Peaceful Little Bird Theme OS4-7 by Solution One

Another gorgeous nature theme this week comes to us from Solution One. This design showcases a lovely scenic shot of an adorable bird in a peaceful and quiet environment. There is nothing like a design to help calm and relax you after a long stressful day at work. No matter where you are all you have to do is look down at your display. It features a custom icon set and colors, gorgeous backgrounds, and a dark color scheme. Available for BlackBerry 8520/30, 8900, 9220, 9300/15/20/30/60/80, 9620/30/50, 9700/80, 9800/10/50/60 and 9900 running 4.6.1 and higher, you can pick this up for $1.99.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Peaceful Little Bird

That's it for this week folks. Hungry for more themes? Be sure to browse the themes in our forums and those available in BlackBerry World. See you all next week.

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