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Theme Roundup

It's been a busy week over here at Theme Roundup head office, most of it being taken up with follow up to the CrackBerry theme from last week that so many of you enjoyed. We got some great tips on the roundup email, and there have been some great new free themes hitting the forums. Read on through the jump for our picks from the past week.

Free Themes of the Week



Our top pick for free non-touchscreen this week is B-Clock by gdekock74. Feeling an urge to show some love for the trusty Curve 8330, I found this theme while cruising through the forums. With a revamped L-style layout to the homescreen and a large font clock in the middle, this theme refreshes the look of your classic Curve homescreen. Custom meters and icons finish off the updated look. Get it from the link below

Paid Themes of the Week


Our next pick is ColorfulBB by BB Freaks. Got a great email earlier this week giving me a heads up on this theme, and gave it a spin for myself. I have to say I was impressed with the layout of the homescreen and the use of colour throughout the theme. Featuring a top dock of icons (6 locked) set in a rainbow of flowing colour, a hidden today, and a hidden bottom dock with 9 customizable icons. The beuaty of this theme on the homescreen is offset by the amount of function included. Hiding the dock and today area allows for a very clean homescreen, perfect for displaying your favorite wallpaper. Available in the CB store for $3.99 until April 30th.

  • More information and download of ColorfulBB>>



Our final pick of the week is Blackened by RJ Design. For a great professional look for your touch device, check this theme out. Featuring a 4 icon hidden dock, custom icons, weather slot, and a split banner, this theme also incorporates a very cool, novel feature. When a new message arrives, not only does the notification display, but the bottom bar turns red, giving you a further cue that you have new messages. Very wallpaper friendly, and currently on a massive sale. Regularly $4.99 in the CB store, it's currently on sale for just $.99 until April 16th.

  • More information and download of Blakened>>
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That concludes our roundup for this week. We hope you enjoyed it, keep those tips and suggestions coming to our email, [email protected]!