BlackBerry Themes Galore!
There are Lots of Great 3rd Party BlackBerry Themes Available,
but RIM can still do better in servicing this market!

Sifting through my RSS feeds this morning I came across a Rant posted at about BlackBerry themes. It seems the BBSmart crew have been investigating the BlackBerry theme market and in scoping out the tools theme developers use (aka the Plazmic Theme Builder) have determined that "Everything Sucks" - Plazmic is Buggy, It's WAYYY to easy for BlackBerry owners to Brick their BlackBerrys, and the coolest themes to hit the market (like the Crossbar theme) get yanked by RIM legal before the masses have had a chance to buy them.

I've seen first hand that there is a market and a desire for BlackBerry themes - both Free and Premium. Everybody loves getting stuff for free (me too), but push come to shove there is a big community of people willing to pay the $6/$7/$8 that may be charged for a Premium BlackBerry theme that is unique, pays attention to detail and comes with support from the developer. With RIM's huge growth in the consumer market, this demand is only going to increase. Like ezainny over at DevBerry, I hope RIM starts really paying attention to the 3rd Party BlackBerry theme market and BlackBerry theme developers. Getting theme developers the tools they need to turn out stellar creations should be a top priority, as is putting failsafes in place so you can't nuke your BlackBerry by installing the wrong's WAY to common of a problem. How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked BlackBerry SHOULD NOT be one of the most viewed articles at but guess what, it is.