Over the past few months, BlackBerry has been adding to their catalog of partners and today, have added another to the list. As announced on the Inside BlackBerry Blog, BlackBerry has now announced a new partnership with ISARA Corporation, the company behind ISARA Radiate, which offers quantum-resistant cryptography.

Today we're excited to announce a new partnership with some of the world's leading experts in quantum security, looking at ways to solve what some are calling Y2Q: "years to quantum". We've already started integrating new quantum-resistant algorithms into BlackBerry products, providing security well beyond even the certified military-grade encryption that we use today.

BlackBerry is certainly no stranger to quantum physics and quantum computing. Waterloo is home to the Perimeter Institute, the Quantum-Nano Centre as well as the Institute for Quantum Computing, and the area better known as Quantum Valley has been attracting scientific talent for years now. BlackBerry working with ISARA Corporation, which is right in their backyard, is a logical move and one that BlackBerry notes will ensure 'BlackBerry customers are protected well before large-scale quantum computers become a reality.'

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