BlackBerry Tattoos
It’s 4:00. You’ve been in a meeting room since lunch, drinking overbaked coffee from a chipped mug and trying to stay awake while Bob from accounting prattles on about the new expense report procedures. You look out the window and see the sun shining and feel the pull of the open road. Astride your Harley with the wind whipping through your hair you feel the freedom of rebellion coursing through your veins. You’re trapped in an office, but you’re secretly a rebel.

Is that a tattoo on your arm? No, alas real tattoos hurt. Plus you can’t change them. No, this is something better. This is a tattoo on your BlackBerry. More specifically, it’s tattoo wallpaper.
Tattoo Wallpaper on Pearl
8700 Tattoo
Tattoo Wallpaper on 8700

These were designed by tattoo artist Daniel Albrigo. After purchase, you can download the wallpapers to your PC for desktop installation, or you can get them from their OTA download link. It retails for $19.95. I always knew you were cool.

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