Storm Contest Winner interviewed on NBC

Looks like T.J.'s BlackBerry Storm tattoo is now famous! Click the image above to see his NBC interview :-)

Also, it seems T.J. isn't the only BlackBerry Addict out there to get a full-sized BlackBerry tattoo. After the jump you can check out the image sent in by Ryan of his BlackBerry Curve / BradBerry / Archangel tattoo. It's pretty crazy!

T.J. Huling's BlackBerry Storm Tattoo

A winning entry in the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest...

BlackBerry Storm Tattoo

Ryan's BlackBerry Curve Tattoo

Here's what Ryan had to say about his BradBerry tattoo below:

MMH8 is the year (2000 H8. I'm an idiot) and BradBerry is the name of my 8300. He's an archangel as you can see and that's pretty much it. He's my best friend and it was a big year so I put that together. People ask me dumb questions like "what if you get another phone?!" And I'm like well that's not really the point! Brad is my boy and the year will never not have happened. Besides I have another leg right? Or they're like "why would you do that to your body?!" Or "who's going to love you now?" And I'm like..."I dunno Dad. I was hoping you and Mom would be default."

BlackBerry Curve Tattoo


I can't help but wonder now if anybody else out there is sporting BlackBerry ink? If so.. send your pics and stories into editorial @!