Although BlackBerry customers still have a bit of wait before they can officially get their hands on BlackBerry OS 10.3, the latest developer releases have been offering a glimpse into what BlackBerry has in store for release. A lot of BlackBerry 10 involves deep integration with several different providers such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Evernote and if the latest developer build is anything to go by, Yelp has now been built into BlackBerry's own mapping service otherwise known as BlackBerry Maps.

Now when you search places within BlackBerry Maps, you're presented with the typical options to map a route from your location or a chosen location to whatever it is you searched for, but tapping on your search now takes you to a new page where you're offered up with phones numbers to call if it's required, along with the option to view Yelp reviews directly within BlackBerry Maps or to load up the full Yelp site to access even more information.

As this is not yet an official release, things could change and it could potentially be removed but for now it's up and running rather beautifully and it's a pretty great option to have built right in. Previously the only Yelp integration offered came by way of BlackBerry Travel while planning trips and looking for local stops to eat from with the app. This expands upon that and makes it just a bit more feature rich. Hopefully it'll stick around right through to the official release.