BBSAK Version 1.7 Released

The folks at RIMGeeks have been busy these days keeping their BlackBerry swiss army knife app updated. The latest version is now available for download and corrects a few issues found in version 1.6. A quick look at the change log reveals a few key improvements and fixes:

  • Auto Update Feature Now Included (upon load bbsak will check to verify you have the most current version install)
  • Compact view button now available in all expanded windows
  • Restore Apps completion popup now pops up at correct time
  • Some small speed tweaks also included with this version
BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife is great for advanced users who want more control over their device and what their OS loads or doesn't load for that matter. A great all around tool with awesome functions, stick to the rule of thumb though. If you're unsure of whast some of the operations are--better to not mess around with them or at the very least, check the CrackBerry forums for some more information.
  • Download BBSAK Version 1.7 From The RIMGeeks Website >>

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