BlackBerry news stories have been cropping up from Africa fairly frequently now here on CrackBerry and here we have yet another positive slice of pie. Research In Motion - Nigeria, where only last week they opened a retail store, has been speaking to Nigerian businessmen and entertainers about their BlackBerry experiences and how the smartphone benefits their lives.

As BlackBerry users we can all understand how important our smartphone is to us and the thought of not having instant email, social networking and BBM is pretty horrific! We know that BlackBerry is huge in both North and South Africa and it fantastic to see the people of Nigeria sharing their BlackBerry experiences with us all.

Yes, in many parts of the world the press is only looking towards BlackBerry 10 but we must not forget that BlackBerry 7 will be around for a good while yet and RIM will continue to support it. I know that the BlackBerry Curve 8520 is now an old device for many of us but it was still the best selling smartphone in South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt in June this year and I am sure nothing much as changed since then. 

Even this week's earnings call figures have proved that the BlackBerry subscribers are increasing and we now have 80 million worldwide - so much for a failing company! Keep up the good work RIM Nigeria - let's keep the BlackBerry hype.

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