Although some areas offer apps to report potholes and such on local roads, BlackBerry's QNX is looking to move beyond the need for those and actually have your vehicle take care of the reporting to city officials. In speaking with CTV News, Derek Kuhn, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for QNX, shared some details on QNX and what they're working on in the IoT sector with Project Ion.

If a car is hitting a crazy bump at a similar GPS location and other cars are doing the same, (the vehicle) can actually share that information with the municipality . . . Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually prioritize the problems?

Although potholes are a problem and one Kuhn's organization is looking to fix through deeper integration of sensors in automobiles, QNX is looking well beyond that as their technology is embedded into infotainment systems, defibrillators, patient monitoring and blood analysis systems right down to laser eye surgery equipment to autonomous forklifts.

Kuhn readily admits that QNX is not a household name as of yet noting, 'We're not prone to being a household brand. We've just always been behind things that are cool.' but as interest in IoT rises, we're sure to hear a lot more about the offerings. Much of the media still ignores the BlackBerry and QNX relationship but BlackBerry arguably was ahead of the game with this acquisition. Have a look at the history of QNX and its implementation in BlackBerry 10.