BlackBerry Style coming to Boost Mobile

Have an urge to try out the BlackBerry Style 9670, but not looking to start up a new contract at Sprint? According to the picture above, Boost Mobile will be getting this device in soon, so you can explore your clamshell curiosities without commitment. For all the jokes I hear about the Style and its unique look, the word from people that actually own one is that it's a great device. I had doubts before it was released, but I took a trip to a Sprint store with Bla1ze one day and decided the design isn't bad at all. And it sure beats the BlackBerry Pearl Flip

According to the screenshot, you'll be able to pick the BlackBerry Style up for $199, though apparently the rumor is Best Buy will have them for $280, so I suppose we'll see when it comes out. Personally I think this is a good move. Summer is underway, but it's never to early to think about back-to-school, and I think flip phones are a good choice for tweens and teens, especially prepaid. Go ahead, make it a BlackBerry!

Source: MobileCrunch