BlackBerry Storm2 Review Roundup

When the clock struck 12:01am on Thursday, October 15th, a small herd of BlackBerry Storm2 Reviews took to the internet (well, one actually popped up a tad bit earlier). Unlike some BlackBerry device launches where you could spend the following two days reading through every word of every review and watching every second of video, the BlackBerry Storm2's official splash was a bit sparse (though I am liking the revamped look of's product pages).

For all the Storm2 chasers out there, you'll want to click through on the links below and take a read. It'll help kill at least a little time as you wait for the day when you can go to the store and buy one for yourself. There's still plenty of CrackBerry Storm2 coverage to come too, so keep it locked here. If we missed any review links, feel free to leave them in the comments and we'll update this post to include them (sifting through google news it's a bit tricky to tell announcements from actual hands-on opinion in some cases). And the odds are good another batch of in-depth Storm2 reviews will hit the web before it's available for sale, so we'll follow up with a Review Roundup Part Deux in a bit.

BlackBerry Storm2 Reviews

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