Inside the BlackBerry Storm2

The official Inside BlackBerry blog just put up a cool interview with the Product Manager of the BlackBerry Storm2, Yasser Mirza. If you're a Storm2 chaser getting ready to stand in line tomorrow morning, definitely jump over now and read the Q & A in detail. We'll repost one of the questions here as a freebie to get you started...

Q - Douglas Soltys: What was your vision for the BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone? What were some of the key product features you focused on during development?

A - Yasser Mirza: Deliver the best touch-screen BlackBerry smartphone experience! Seriously though, there were three product features we focused on the most:

  • Typing - Providing an easy and enjoyable typing experience is a key pillar of the BlackBerry smartphone experience, so we wanted to make sure we met those expectations.
  • User experience - we wanted to make sure the user experience would be fast and responsive out of the gate. There are hundreds of enhancements in this product - both hardware and software - that have really come together in the BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone to provide the BlackBerry experience that people expect. 
  • "Eye-candy" factor - a consumer focused touch- screen smartphone needs to 'press the right buttons' with customers, if you know what I mean. =D We wanted to keep the existing industrial design but give it a sleeker look with cleaner lines.

It's a good read and I think very cool to personalize a gadget like the Storm2 by getting a glimpse of the people who work to bring it to life. Posts on the Inside BlackBerry blog have been few and far between (and entirely too full of the ® and TM symbols every time a product name is mentioned to really consider it an actual blog), but regardless of how one thinks of it, this post was solid.

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