Ever wondered what *could* happen if you accidentally dropped your BlackBerry Storm on the pavement? It happened to one of our readers... here's what Jeff had to say:

I dropped my Storm today, a big fall out of a lifted Ford Expedition to the pavement. To my amazement, no scratches, no battery deployment (which used to happen to my Curve all the time when I dropped it), nothing except the screen popped off! I made a quick video showing the aftermath of the accident. The screen appears to be glued in place, so if the glue is applied correctly, dust should not be an issue, although there was no apparent gasket. I popped it back in and all seems normal. Anyway, I thought I would let you see the video since CrackBerry.com is my holy grail of the BlackBerry world.

Check out the video above and be sure to drop your reactions in the comments!