BlackBerry Storm OS 5.0 Sneak Peek And Mini Review!

Well, we all know the Storm 2 is on it's way but for all you original Storm owners, RIM has not forgotten you exist. Development of the 5.0 OS for current Storm versions steams ahead just as it does for all other 5.0 upgradeable devices and today we get a look at the new OS. Albeit, not a huge look but hey, it's better then no look--which is what we have really had up until now.

BenezBlog, has posted up quite a few screenshots of in action on the Storm and while the look is not really in depth, it does look rather polished. First impressions of the OS are also shared on the german blog so check it out and see what may be ahead for all you original Storm owners. Well, those of you who haven't decided to move onto the Tour that is.