OS .141 Not A Go On Verizon!

This really shouldn't come as a surprise to any Storm owners out there who visit the Storm OS discussion forum but it does need a blog post mention. BGR has posted information on what was supposed to be "next official OS" for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm. OS was destined to be delivered to Storm owners but at this point has apparently yet again failed Big Red's technical certification (it seems they're being pickier than other 9530 carriers as we have seen newer OS releases get official from Bell and Telus).

So this outcome leaves everyone to wonder, what will the next official OS for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 be? There's been talk in the forums that internal development work has stopped on OS 4.7 and been transitioned over to OS 5.0, but from conversations at WES last week it seems 5.0 won't be rolled out until August/September. It seems crazy to me that Verizon's current supported OS, version, still possesses the bug that prevents some sounds from playing through external speakers on the Storm in apps (not cool for fart or alarm clock apps!), an issue that causes developers customer support grief every day, as well as consumers who can't get refunds via app world and are uncomfortable with the thought of upgrading to an unsupported OS in order to make their newly-purchased app work (I'll keep this short and not get into any other stuff...).

With the "Storm 2" rumors now being confirmed, I just hope Verizon and RIM don't forget about the first generation of Storm owners out there and kick "Storm 1" OS development into high gear. Seriously, according to the VZW BlackBerry download site the last update for the Storm came on December 5th, 2008... that's over six months ago! Storm owners - feel free to express your frustrations in the comments -- we feel your pain -- just try and keep the four letter profanity to a minimum. 

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