BlackBerry Storm 2 on Ebay

Itching to get your hands on Research in Motion's next touchscreen BlackBerry Smartphone? A couple of Storm 2's have popped up on ebay recently and as you can tell are generating some bids. Legit or scam? When it comes to pre-release devices on ebay we've seen both happen, but in this case the seller has a solid rating so the odds are good it's legit even though the image used on the auction is one that was previously posted on the web.

Should you try and pick one it up? Having been there and done that, I'd probably recommend waiting for the production units to hit stores if it's something you plan to actually try and use. Though for many the appeal of having that little something you really shouldn't have may justify the cost even if the hardware is wonky, the pin gets killed, and the unit won't take newer software updates (aka... is a paperweight). At the time of this post there is a little over 13 hours left to go on the auction - I'll be curious to see what it goes for. Any bets??