Storm First Touch Events!

* Update: These are indeed "real" events that are being organized by various VZW regional teams. You can ignore the comments that say otherwise, though they do make for fun reading! Expect more regional events to pop up in the days ahead in your area. *

It seems the marketing team at Verizon isn't convinced the old adage Seeing is Believing does the Storm justice in and of itself, so a number of First-Look, First-Touch events are being scheduled in select markets across the USA so you can go and feel the Storm up in person :-)

Head on over to for more information and to register for any of the events. And if you live in Nebraska you can consider yourself lucky - with the first event scheduled for October 28th in Omaha you'll be among the first to see the Storm in LIVE and in Action!! The final event is scheduled for November 20th in Milwaukee. Last week we were hearing the Verizon Storm would become available the week of the 9th (that's a Sunday, so more like Monday the 10th). And if you look at how many events are scheduled for the 10th/11th/12th it kind of gives hope that there's some truth to this rumored date. So long as we don't have to wait until after the 20th!! It seems like a lot of major BlackBerry markets are missing on this list too... think NYC... LA... I wouldn't be suprirsed if we see more dates/events pop-up in the days ahead.

In other touchscreen BlackBerry news...the Storm made a BIG splash in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. You can check out the pic after the jump.

BlackBerry Storm in the Wall Stree Journal

BlackBerry Storm in the WSJ

[ via BBNews & BGR ]

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