Contest Winners! That's All Folks! Time to wrap up our What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest. I think the event was a great success! We helped spread the word of the BlackBerry Storm and, were entertained, gave away some awesome prizes, and did some good deeds... it was a ton of work and a whole lot of fun! All in all we posted nine winning entries, which resulted in eleven BlackBerry smartphones being awarded, and in the end we even raised $1,000 for Toys for Tots with the auctioning of the BlackBerry Storm quilt!! Keep reading after the jump for the for the Contest wrap up!

Storm Contest Community Voted Favorites!

After the winning entries were all posted to the blogs we turned things over to the CrackBerry Community to vote on their favorite entries! Just to make things extra special for the best of the best, the three entries that receive the most votes will each receive $100 coupon to to purchase accessories for their newly won devices!

The voting was SUPER close between the 1st and 2nd place. In the end, it was Travis' Getting Shot with 100 Paintballs entry that edged our Priscilla and Lauren's Pudding Wrestling in Time Square entry by only TWO votes to claim ultimate bragging rights. Third place went to TJ's BlackBerry Storm Tattoo entry.

For full results, visit the BlackBerry Storm Contest Voting page. Now for your viewing pleasure, let's watch the top three picks one more time!

What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm?  

1st Place - Paintball Storm - Getting Shot with 100 Paintballs

2nd Place - Pudding Wrestling in Time Square!

3rd place - The Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Tattoo!

BlackBerry Storm Quilt Charity Auction

BlackBerry Storm Quilt!

The last winning entry we posted to the blogs was by Heather, who took a week out of her life to make a one of a kind, king-sized BlackBerry Storm Quilt! A totally hardcore thing for a CrackBerry Addict to do, and instead of keeping the blanket for ourselves (trust me, I wanted to!) we put it up for auction on ebay with 100% of the proceeds from the sale being given to Toys for Tots!

The auction was up for seven days, but things got really interesting over the last few hours and right to the wire when the bidding went up to a whopping $1,000!!!

We're going to do a follow-up post featuring the winner once he takes delivery of his BlackBerry Storm quilt, but for now we'll tell you this CRACKBERRY HERO goes by the name of John Broughton, aka texasdukeguy, of New York. And get this... John isn't even a BlackBerry owner yet!! There's a good story behind that, which we'll share once John gets his BlackBerry Storm quilt! But don't worry... he WILL be a BlackBerry owner soon. He's already a BlackBerry fan and CrackBerry Hero!  

HUGE KUDOS go to John for helping a great cause! Enjoy your new quilt!!!


Last but not least, as we wrap up the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest I want to once again thank our sponsors who made this all possible - Viigo, Horizon Wireless, BlackBerry Made Simple and Be sure to visit their websites and our contest sponsor page for more details!  

Now That's a Wrap!!!