Typing on the Storm in a Bumpy Taxi Cab Ride!

Think back to my Pre-Release BlackBerry Storm Review and I made the hypothesis and drew the conclusion that a major benefit of the SurePress keyboard featured on the BlackBerry Storm is that it doesn't sacrifice on the ability to type in a bumpy environment...

When do you need to type in a bumpy enivornment? How about being a passenger in the backseat of a NYC taxi cab weaving in and out of traffic taking you from the airport to a meeting. One of the best traits of a BlackBerry with a physical keyboard is the ability to slow-type messages in conditions that are less than ideal - and the Storm does not sacrifice that ability at all. 

When I was heading back to LaGuardia in the back of a cab to catch my flight home, the above statements flew into my head. I grabbed my video camera, held it in my left hand, and pounded out the message you see above with the Storm in my right. First cut, No excuses. Video after the jump. Try doing that with any other touchscreen smartphone. I wish you luck. :-)

Typing on a BlackBerry Storm in a Bumpy NYC Taxi Cab Ride

Youtube kills the video quality, so I uploaded a slightly more clear version here (.mov, 5 megs). I have it recorded in high def - if you really want to see this in clear action let me know and I'll get it uploaded to a file sharing site.