We just received an email on the good 'ole CrackBerry tips line pointing us to a video on youtube posted by user iluvblackberry. Much to my surprise, the video contains what was said by the anonymous tipster to be a BlackBerry Storm 9550 running OS, which is actually a newer version of firmware than was featured in both my hands-on Storm 9550 video and salomondrin's recent review as well. Even more surprising to me was the appearance of the CrackBerry.com sticker in the video - we gave out a couple thousand of these back at WES in Orlando this May... i guess iluvblackberry must also luvcrackberry!

The video is a bit blurry and the device is still running early firmware (we know there are already newer versions than .161 compiled), but Storm 2 chasers will want to take in every second of the 7 minute vid. BIG news here is that this storm 9550 actually shows off WiFi! Finally!!! As much as we've seen of the Storm 2 already, I can't help but think there is still more to the device (particularly that display) than initially meets the eye. I have as educated guess as to the tech behind the display (the whole it's fixed when off and clickable when powered on thinking) and am thinking/hoping there is still some additional potential there that future OS builds may tap into. As its release draws nearer it'll be fun to watch all of the leaked and official details unfold. As always, you'll want to keep it locked to CrackBerry for all of the goods as they emerge.