BlackBerry Storm 9520 Offical OS Update

* Update from Kevin - Oops.. kind of a dumb post here (blame Bla1ze on a lack of sleep.... and me too for not catching it immediately! I thought he meant 9500 and not 9520 and got excited for everybody! lol). The Storm2 from Vodafone actually ships with this firmware version. This is only news / an official upgrade to people who were running earlier pre-release versions of the Storm2 from Vodafone, which would be a small handful.  No Storm 9500 users, there isn't an update for you yet. It even sounds like it could be 2010 now before one is available to you. :( Sorry for the confusion here!!!

Just in case any BlackBerry Storm 9520 users were feeling a little left out in regards to the OS 5.0 release on Verizon. Vodafone has started pushing OS through to customers via BlackBerry Desktop Manager since yesterday and while it's only a Desktop Manager install at this time the post of the installable file has to come soon. If you are a Vodafone customer you can grab the update now and if you're not, just sit tight till the install file shows up for download.